5 Deadly Mistakes a Startup Makes To Get Online Visibility

Starting your own business can be very challenging and online visibility is a tool for brand recognition for your startup and can be rewarding. What exactly is online visibility? Start-ups need web traffic to get going. Without online visibility, you cannot expect people to visit their website on their own. People have realized the importance of online branding and have found out that communicating with the customers online, contributing your online brand. Owners of start-ups have started investing in online visibility which is very necessary to attract new customers which shall increase chances of converting it into sales. Online visibility must be taken seriously and engaging content must be created… Read More

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5 Key Elements To When Your Brand Needs A Strong Identity

A brand is the set of memories, relationships and stories which influence and account for a consumer’s choice of one product over another. Understanding Brand-Identity Brand identity can be referred to visual components of a brand’s large ideas and sometimes it can also be termed as the ‘face of the brand’. Your brand identity is the highlight of your company’s reputation through the way of attributes, purpose, values, strengths and passion. Being a visual component of a brand, it is the image or the features that you would like your customers to think and have whenever your Brand’s name is mentioned. Some term it as the message which the consumer… Read More

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How Digitalization Can save our beloved mom and pop store in India

How Digitalization Can Save Our Beloved Mom and Pop Shops in India

The use of digital technologies to transform a country and its economy is deemed possible in this modern age. Digital marketing has been successfully transforming the global economy. Marketing a product and service have gone through a huge change and their current presence in the market is decided by their online presence through different digital mediums and platforms. Mom and Pop store are the ones who had been hugely affected by the recent trend of digital marketing. The term is referred to any grocery store whose sales are restricted to the nearby local residents. These shops were owned by the members of a particular family who engaged themselves in creating… Read More

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