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AMP Effect in SEO

In the present day, the speedy epoch has demanded the traction of marketing strategies to change the game of rankings in the search engine. Most of the users are making the use of mobile phones for all their purpose. It is very handy and all information or data can be easily extracted from anywhere. Given to the increasing utility of phone or mobile by the people, the website designers are inclining more and more towards the mobile-friendly responsive websites. But, is it enough? Is the mobile-view for the websites adequate? According to a few researches, the speed of the page load in the mobile sites are paying a huge role… Read More

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Make An Impact Through Designing During The COVID-19 Outbreak

“Wash your hands frequently”, “Do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes without sanitizing”, these are some of the most common lines you must coming across from the past 2 weeks. The novel coronavirus epidemic has caused a situation of complete shutdown in almost all the world. The pandemic demanded an isolation of individual in their houses as this is the only way to recover from this contagious virus (COVID-19). Therefore, this scenario has led to the closing down of many offices, schools and other work places. Although, with the advancing technology and active internet, you can still work and study effectively from home. For the web designing and graphic… Read More

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