4 reasons why brick and mortar stores should start digital presence

4 reasons why brick and mortar stores should start digital presence


India is going through a great phase where our PM has taken some crucial initiative to drive a digital economy. He and his team has been inspiring every Indians to embrace digital transaction and allied methodologies. The reason for this is to cut down on the printing cost and also to make the economy a transparent one. This will actually help foreign investment to arrive and abolish the corruption that has the economy in its grip. Demonetization was one of such prominent initiatives towards Digitization. So realizing the 'Mann ki Baat' of the government, many small brick & mortar stores have started initiating digital transactions. But mere digital transactions are not enough to take the whole advantage of digital ecosystem. There are many components of digital ecosystem that can be embraced by start-ups as well as established construction based businesses like: digital presence, digital promotion, digital communication etc.

So let us highlight some of the reasons why start-ups as well as brick & mortar stores require a digital presence -

1. Aim where the crowd is the densest - The Internet:

With a refreshing wave of Digitization washing over the Indian scenario, cheaper data rates have lead to mass usage of the Internet. But how is this related to your business? Entrepreneurs in the construction business should not only witness this phenomenon, but try to make the most out of it, by creating a website. Will a customer prefer walking all the way to your establishment to buy bricks? Or will he just prefer contacting you online regarding his requirement? You definitely know the answer to that question, and Adquicky knows how to come up with a solution. Your own website, where orders are made online this is the solution to an enhanced business that blooms manifold and ensures a faster ROI.

2. Embrace Cost Effective Advertisement:

Digitization is undoubtedly a mass-movement gaining wide momentum. And the main reason behind its astounding success and popularity is its cost effectiveness. Browsing the internet requires minimal or zero charges. But being on the other side, where you are the provider of the internet content isn't expensive either. The creation of a website over a small fee makes your business accessible to people worldwide. And this saves a lot of cost over printing pamphlets, posters, brochures or life-size banners that advertise your product in one single geographical district.

3. Enhance Customization through Personalized Communication:

Adquicky also ensures you infiltrate every device with a single hit of a button. You can opt to distribute customized Whatsapp messages or newsletters via email that has a personal touch to it and encourages customer engagement, enhancing loyalty. You can choose the message distribution on the basis of festive occasions or simply choose your audience on the basis of occupation, gender, age group, location, and so on.

4. Be a Step Ahead of your Competitors:

With the creation of an exclusive website, you establish yourself amidst your prevailing competitors and enjoy a transparent online presence that is generally loved by the crowd. A website puts your aim, the history and progress of the establishment and its offerings under precise and open scrutiny of the potential audience that gives them ample time to judge reflect and eventually get impressed by what you have in stock.

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