5 Deadly Mistakes a Startup Makes To Get Online Visibility



Starting your own business can be very challenging and online visibility is a tool for brand recognition for your startup and can be rewarding.

What exactly is online visibility?

Start-ups need web traffic to get going. Without online visibility, you cannot expect people to visit their website on their own. People have realized the importance of online branding and have found out that communicating with the customers online, contributing your online brand. Owners of start-ups have started investing in online visibility which is very necessary to attract new customers which shall increase chances of converting it into sales.

Online visibility must be taken seriously and engaging content must be created which affects the brand recognition positively. If you advertise once and do not follow up from time to time, the website becomes stale which means fewer visitors and ultimately less conversion. This makes the credibility drop in the search engine which results in lower visibility overall.

Importance of online visibility:

  • It enables the readers to find the website on their own.
  • Visibility brings new and unique customers which supports your business.
  • It affects brand recognition and how important your product and services may prove to be in the marketplace.
  • In this era of stiff competition, online visibility really proves to be an upper hand over others.

After we have discussed the importance of online visibility, let us point out 5 Mistakes a startup makes while improving Online Visibility:

1. Failure To Research The Competition

Research is necessary to get an upper hand over other competitors especially if you are a new business. Researching the competition helps you understand what established businesses in your industry have done: where they have failed, where they have succeeded and where you can give your brand an advantage.

You just cannot aim at online visibility without having at least a brief idea about the kind of competitors you are up against. A startup clearly needs uniqueness from the beginning and online promotion which is best suited to compete fiercely. Your research should cover areas like products and services, target audiences, websites as well as social platforms. You cannot afford to copy a strategy done by your competitor and expect to succeed.

2. Failure To Understand Your Target Audience

Before you start selling or even pitching, you've got to understand what kind of audience you're dealing with. Their behavior and traits are very important as that will help you understand their demands, expectations, things they identify it with and the kinds of brands they favor. Once you do find your target audience, branding will get a lot easier. Online visibility is all about creating a brand name and for the audience who are probably as customers in near future. If you work blindly the chances of earning a brand value may not reach the interested customers and create a brand image upon them.

The target audience can be kept loyal to your brands by constantly messaging them and you must also study the behavior traits of the target audience to successfully adapt to their needs, which shall, in turn, increase the conversions of visitors to your website.

3. Not understanding how your customers find you online

You must learn to manage traffic and check your traffic source through Google Analytics. We must realize that there are three main sources of traffic:

  • traffic from search engines
  • direct traffic (people going directly to your website URL)
  • Traffic sent from other websites.

We must also know that the researchers are not so interested in spending a lot of time to find an answer to their question or doubts. They cannot spend five hours searching for a solution to their doubts. So if your website is user-friendly and can simply convince them that they have found a complete website which satisfies their queries, they shall convert to customers without wasting much time on other websites.

4. Expect customer reviews and respond

If you are making your website visible to target audiences, they shall visit your page. There can be a short-term visit which decreases once your website becomes inconsistent and stale. So as a good start-up you must respect the customer and their reviews about your websites and services regularly. A feeling of closeness between the owner and the targeted customers are sure to add on to the value of your brand in the long run.

5.Underestimating SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you want your start-up to feature on the front page of the search you must learn to optimize your website and make it search engine friendly. SEO is an important tool nowadays which needs to be dealt with. Another important item in SEO is the use of keywords which could channel the traffic towards your website. Learn to use the keyword only so much which shall help you gain rankings but the use of keywords a little too much may result in Google labeling your website as a spam.

You can also hire an SEO agency or shop digital marketing packages from an authentic agency to help you with optimizing your start-up business website site to rank higher in the search results along with other digital marketing activities

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