5 SEO Secrets to Boost your YouTube Views

5 SEO Secrets to Boost your YouTube Views


There is a popular saying, "You are never bored with YouTube."

YouTube is such a platform where every minute 100 hours of videos are uploaded. Somewhere, someone is uploading video even now. Therefore, YouTube is a platform that is heavily crowded and highly loved.

You can always use this platform for the growth of your business. For example, create videos of what your business is all about or what product it sells then upload it on YouTube. Nowadays people love to watch videos with great content.

However, a big question needs to be answered. Among such a lot of videos on YouTube, how will your video gain popularity?

Don't worry every problem has a solution. A good SEO can perform the magic for your business video on YouTube.

Lets see how?

First, just have an overall knowledge about what is the signals YouTube use to count a video for ranking:

  • Information on Title tag.
  • Retention of Audience.
  • Description tag having keyword.
  • Tags
  • Video's length.
  • Subscribers, Count after watching.
  • Going through the comment section
  • Watch over likes and dislikes.

You can see how much scrutinization YouTube does before making a video popular.

Now have an overall look on SEO credentials:

1. Writing creative captions for videos:

Google or YouTube are not humans they do not understand your video content. They just understand the descriptions surrounding the video. When they find potential in the description they gives your video a thought to bring it in the count of ranking.

2. Video keywords must be optimized:

SEO knows that getting a higher rank on YouTube is good but getting a higher rank in Google is awesome. Therefore, they always give special attention to keywords for the video to get it optimized.

3. Getting video viewers from online:

Do remember there are some of the online communities that get you more viewers. These online communities are LinkedIn and Quora. When the video is shared in these links, they get more visibilities and shares.

4. Encouraging the linking and subscribing:

Subscribing and linking is very important for the video maker and the video to get popularity. YouTube is a platform that gives special importance to how many subscribers you have and how your linking works.

5. Making a playlist that is rich in keywords:

Some of the YouTube creators make their YouTube channel a mess. They just dump in videos without arranging them. This is a strict no for the business videos. You are showing up your business through your videos how can you leave them unorganized. A good SEO knows trick to arrange the videos in a proper manner.

Follow the Rules:

If you want to grow your business YouTube channel, you must get a good SEO who knows the right way of YouTube broadcasting in India.

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