6 Features in Landing Page Design That You Cannot Miss Out

6 Features in Landing Page Design That You Cannot Miss-Out


"If you want to capture more targeted leads, then your landing page web design has to convey your message well" - Neil Patel

Digital presence is given much importance in the present times as it is helpful in earning the best leads for any sort of business. Travel business is one such sector which seems to earn more revenue being digitally visible. The competition in the travel sector is colossal hence it is critical for the travel agencies to have a brilliant digital presence. Landing page comes here into the play.

Landing page design for digital marketing

The purpose of a landing page design is to convert visitors into customers. Though it sounds easy but it is not. In order to lead the race, your landing page must have the best design so that you can capture the digital industry and convert it into a lead which is the ultimate desire of any small-scale to giant business wants.

Here we will discuss the top 6 features in Landing Page Design That you cannot Miss-out For Digital Presence:

1. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Be unique your own way which convey your real purpose and to do that you can always rely on images for your landing page. Check out the best travel agencies, why they are so successful when there are other thousands of operators in the market. Because, they have good images on their landing page that cut the unnecessary barrier between visitors and conversion. The premise behind your service should be perfectly clear right from the outset.

2. Think and do things differently:

Understand the pain points of customers otherwise you won't be able to satisfy their needs. A start up business that is eager to stand apart among competitors in digital market. Give them the right medicine for the disease from which they are suffering. "Go the extra mile to find out what's actually keeping your audience up all night, worrying and looking for a solution online.",  as Neil Patel says, "Be there when your ideal customers need you most, with your relevant, well-designed landing page geared towards a positive user experience".

3. Keep it simple for the audience:

Visitors are likely to leave your page anytime if they are asked too many things. Hence, a landing page where you expect your visitors to sign up and buy should be simple. That means the sign up process should be kept as easy as visiting your site with just one click. It must have a call-to action in bold letters which should be irresistible for the audience to click. Removing the obstacles between the prospect and the conversion can be highly effective.

4. Promises can be highly compelling:

Promises are meant to be kept hence add promises to your landing page which are available as it might be the best useful key to consolidate your ideas into reality. It also helps in securing the relationship between the audience and you as they feel more secure in doing business with you. Landing page promises also eliminates specific objections your customer fight have after using your product or service.

5. Video makes it easier for visitors to convert:

Being digitally present means covering all the aspects of the digital world and as a travel operator video content should be expected without any doubt. A landing page video has excellent results. The duration of the video should be very prominent so that the audience doesn't get bored while watching it but it should also convey the ideas and benefits of choosing you as their first choice. It also works as a call-to-action button highlighting the services of your company.

6. Do not mess it up:

Though a landing page is a single page which includes all the relevant information, still it should be clear. Clear in this context stands for moderate as a busy landing page is what makes the audience confused and they are likely to sign out. Rather use white spaces which seems to keep a landing page clean highlighting the features of a company and draw the attention of your custom audience which matters the most.

"Design like you are absolutely right, then optimize like you were wrong from the start"

Every industry is growing and expanding rapidly with the digitalization and showing no signs of slowing down. Business leads comes from landing pages that are welcoming. The digital switch can be significantly useful for a travel business and hence accept it without any delay if you want to stand alongside the giants of the sector.

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