AMP Effect In SEO Digital Marketing Services

AMP Effect in SEO


In the present day, the speedy epoch has demanded the traction of marketing strategies to change the game of rankings in the search engine. Most of the users are making the use of mobile phones for all their purpose. It is very handy and all information or data can be easily extracted from anywhere. Given to the increasing utility of phone or mobile by the people, the website designers are inclining more and more towards the mobile-friendly responsive websites. But, is it enough? Is the mobile-view for the websites adequate? According to a few researches, the speed of the page load in the mobile sites are paying a huge role in the attracting the target traffic. With increasing advancements, people are looking for more with each passing day. You are likely to be inclined to websites faster. This is what Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is all about. Like the name justifies it, AMP is the tool that has been assisting the web developers to incorporate speedy loading in the websites. Therefore, it is obviously linked to the digital marketing services and the SEO. Let us see how.

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If one had to define the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), then technically is it nothing but an open-source coding initiative that is the smartest move for the faster loading of websites. It is also backed up by Google. That means it has a lot of value in the online market today.

How will AMP affect the SEO?

You might be wondering the basis of the title, that how will the speed matter in rankings. Talking about search engines, did you know, when it comes to ranking it Google, the sites with AMP are given more priority by Google. Is this not a valid and relatable link of digital marketing services and AMP? Substantially talking, the search engines trends are evolving each day and the AMP seems to be the promising tool for effective conversions. Every visitor is attracted towards speedy loading as they do not want to wait. With the implementation of AMP in the sites, not only will it increase your page ranking, but it will also motivate the traffic to visit your page more and more, thereby leading to higher rate of conversions. Therefore, the AMP is directly linked to the SEO and indirectly linked to your growth and profit.

How to make use of AMP implementation most effectively?




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Whereas you can focus on the entire website but more effectively you could include the AMP initiative in your website's blogs or landing pages, descriptions, links and in places where there is useful content for your users. This will increase the engagement and eventually fulfill your goals in terms of gaining traction from digital marketing services.

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