Benefits of Facebook Lookalike Audience

How Small Business Can Take Benefits of Facebook Lookalike Audience


Facebook is accepted worldwide as one of the best social media tools to find your best customers. Are you making the most of what Facebook has to offer?

Small businesses throughout the globe have more power than ever to market themselves to the custom audience through Facebook which is the social media giant with a whole array of tools for small business. Facebook Ads can be used for different objectives; for driving e-commerce sales, get more engagement in a post, and send traffic to a site.

What does Facebook Lookalike Audience actually refer to?

Getting related customers is difficult but if successful, it saves time and effects sales positively. Facebook Lookalike Audience is a group of Facebook users who are similar to the best existing clients of a small business company. It is basically a way to reach people who are likely to be interested in a business.

As Chris Lim says, in Facebook Lookalike Audience, "you provide Facebook with a sample size of an audience, for example, buyers from my website and Facebook will create a bigger audience, a Lookalike Audience of people similar to that provided to them."

Let us trace why Facebook Lookalike audience is a lifesaver-

1. Using the reach of Facebook!!

According to the latest census, Facebook has captured on mobile devices more than 250 million accesses which clearly show the vast reach of this social media giant. Well said by a marketer, Social media is not a part of media anymore, it is the Media. Hence it should be adopted by a small business start-up to enjoy the low-hanging fruits.

2. Easy time-saving lead generation

As you know, social media is being used by almost every random person and is also the best tool to get leads. Lookalike Audience Tool in Facebook helps you in getting leads that are relevant and saves your time. You get leads even when you are eating or sleeping.

3. They are assured probable customers

Facebook Lookalike Audience Tool is effective in connecting the interested audience to the companies. Hence, you do not have to invest on the audience who won't buy from you. However, you should try to maintain a good relationship with your existing audience to reach more people.

4. Perfect for startups and small scale business

A start-up is sometimes seemed to be confused about the impacts and uses of social media. Now, as marketers state that the possibility of being a successful business is high when a start-up company uses Facebook marketing. As with the growth and trending changes of the marketing policies, most of the small-scale businesses have widely accepted social media especially Facebook lookalike Audience tool and are enjoying the fruitful results.

Why should a small business use this targeting tool?

Lookalike Tool allows you to reach new people outside your customer list and fan-base. People who share the commonalities are more likely to convert into customers. It also saves you from wasting your money on people who are unlikely to buy from you. According to a census, a travel site boasts 70 percent lower costs per action using Lookalike Audiences while an online shopping site saw 94 percent lower costs per checkout.

Give shape to your ideas, plans, paths, and strategies and always think ahead of time as marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value by delivering useful content at the right moment.

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