Facebook For marketing Business

A boutique may not just be related to a shop which deals in clothes but to a shop which can handle a specialized item to a certain set of buyers. The items sold in a boutique may vary in price and quality as a boutique is meant to provide a varied list of unique items which are brought together in one place for the ease of the customers.

The offline selling era has been suppressed by the new online and digital platforms which have a huge customer base as well as brings quick results. Facebook is one of those mediums which has helped small or big boutique business in India to not just grow in their threshold but also beyond it.

Facebook has proved to be very beneficial for the promotion of any small or big business as among Pinterest, Twitter, and some other social platforms, Facebook has been declared as the most customer engaging social platform in today’s digital era. So your growth is limited if your customers are not seeing you on their Facebook pages. Here is the recent statistics from Statista

Number of facebook User across India
Courtesy: https://www.statista.com/statistics/717615/india-number-of-facebook-users-by-age-and-gender/

The circle of customers has been increased without limits and if you are still stuck in the old traditional way of selling, here are some things that you probably might be losing on:


Easy to use: IF you use Facebook to promote your business, you might know that the process of creating a business page and its promotion can be done in seconds. The platform is not only easy but is also very effective.

Economical Way Of Doing Digital Marketing

Cost Friendly: The cost of advertisement is a burden which the owner has to bear from time to time, for the promotion of the business. Facebook has created a revolution when it comes to advertisement and you can now advertise without any additional cost.


Interactive: Many times people may have some questions and queries related to the range of products you sell or may have feedbacks about things that you have already sold. This interaction proves very beneficial for your growth and Facebook is a great platform which serves the purpose.

Help grow your circle of interested customers: Offline boutique hugely depends on physical attendance of the customers in the shop but using Facebook has enlarged the circle of customers and through it, you can interact with the existing customers as well as the future prospects of your business.

Social Traffic Acquisition

Shifting of user traffic: Every small or business company have adapted to the recent trend of owning a website which marks their online presence but among million other websites, your website has little chances of being visited and engaging customers to your products. Facebook has provided a firm base with which you can redirect the Facebook users to your website by diverting the traffic.

Customer Relationship Management

Building relationship with customers that last: Having a good bonding with the customers is a must and it is an effective practice which ensures regular customer engagements and regular income through sales. Facebook just makes the job of bonding with customers easy and cost-effective. Your customers may be reminded of your business through regular posts about new arrivals or some sale campaigns which you decide to implement in near future.

Unable to Reach Right Target Audience Group

Market research: A boutique is a specialist if certain products which must be in accordance with the recent trends that are prevailing. Facebook amazingly helps you research the taste and preferences of customers around you as well as of those who are miles away from you. It is an effective medium to analyze the trends in customer behavior.

Updating Your Customers

Much effective than websites: Websites are designed to give your customers full information about the kind of services then you deal in but it really requires a huge amount of customer time which is pretty unlikely to happen. A Facebook page can be helpful and should provide quick information about your business and your approaches in less than a minute.

So to grow your boutique business you not only need to follow the above mentioned tips but also the right social media marketing packages. The right social media marketing packages for small business is always needed to give a push to your boutique business in Digital word.

Phillip Piletic, a marketing consultant form Brisbane has so appropriately pointed out these hidden rules in Social media to amplify the social engagement.   http://customerthink.com/the-three-most-important-unwritten-rules-of-social-media-engagement/

Business like boutique has a huge number of obstacles that they need to overcome for fruitful results and offline approach may take you way more time to fulfill your purpose. Using Social Media for business has been the newest trend that every business owners have been adapting to and rightly so, as Facebook marketing for small business has proven revolutionary in such a short amount of time. Using Facebook for promotion might be that one good decision that may prove to be the turning point in their business.