Different types of branding exercises in transit media

Advertising through transit media has become one of the most popular methods of Outdoor Advertising. The transit advertising is a part of mass media and Its main motive is to aware people about a brand with branding done on a transit, which runs around the city. What could be better than a form of advertising that moves around with people? This form of media provides visibility to brands on the go.

Transit Media – Meaning and how it actually works.

Any business or brand is not complete without a strategy for its marketing. Marketing means advertising the brand to every corner and using mediums which grabs a lot of public attention. Outdoor advertisements have its own strategic advantages. If we need to promote a new brand or an existing brand to millions of people, transit media is just the perfect medium. Firstly, it is a part of OOH (Out of home) advertising.

Actually, marketing branding advertising is done on different modes of public transportation as a part of ATL activities, which is believed to reach a huge TG and aware them of the advertisement. The transit media covers buses, metros, subways, taxis, railways or train stations. The companies like FMCG, mass products choose transit form of brand advertising as it has an advantage over the other means of advertisements like TV or radio, which can be turned off. Transit media advertisements become a part of the environment and day to day activities and people are forced to see them even if they do not want to.

Let us discuss in details about different transit advertisement mediums –

We often come across hoardings, billboard ads, transit media like ads displayed on cars, taxis, buses, subways, and trains etc. which helps the government or private companies to reach out a large number of people.

Auto Rickshaws Branding

Auto Rickshaws Branding

Advertisement in Autorickshaw gives huge benefits in terms of publicity & marketing of their products &services across the city. These Advertising campaigns are very cost effective and cover the entire region’s where the other marketing campaigns are not working. Today every brand and companies are spending a huge amount of branding & promotion for their products & service. Amongst all marketing campaign, these campaigns are most popular and effective marketing technique. The auto rickshaws have a huge network which makes it an important source of Branding.

Promotion / Branding in Metro

Branding in Metro

Metro is now a lifeline of any metropolitan city. A huge part of our city’s population takes the metro as it is the fastest medium available. This means that a substantial part of the Indian population sees the branding done inside and outside the metro rail and the metro stations. The rail is colorfully wrapped and the company which paid for attention enjoys a lot of public attention.

While the outside of the metro rail has been a medium of branding, some advertisements are also done on the inside. There are few glass boards which carry brief information about some new bank loan rates or professional services of some kind or maybe a promotion of some new Food item which has just hit the market.

Bus Branding

Bus Branding

Before metros were made available, the buses were a significant medium of transportation. The office going crowd always prefer buses which are cheaper than the taxi. As the bus is present throughout the city and with the bustling crowd of passengers, the bus becomes a very significant means of Branding through advertisement. It is just recently that the buses which ran all these years are decorated with posters from TV serials or new tv show to be launched or some launching and other kinds of advertisements.

Flight Branding

Flight Branding

The airport is a great platform for branding as well as the aircraft carrier doesn’t leave any space empty without putting any brands on it. The airport is decorated with several promotional offers and some advertisements which target the upper-middle-class families. Besides the aircraft carrier does branding through:

  • Meal box and paper cup advertisement
  • Boarding pass promotions.
  • Baggage tag or luggage tag promotions.
  • Advertisement on in-flight entertainment.
  • In-flight newspaper stickers.

These are the mediums used for Branding in the airport and inside the flight.

Cab branding

Cab branding

The cabs are a popular source of travel which is preferred by people who do not like the hassle and the crowd and so they avoid it by booking a cab. There are many cabs which run for different cab operators, The car has a limited space for advertisement so, branding is done to cabs through wrap-ups that advertise a single promotional offer. They are seen on the streets everywhere so they have a good advertisement advantage.


It is a new era that we live in and as per a psychological survey 80 out of 100 people generate curiosity for an advertisement if seen continuously for few days. The technique they use is for a mass population which can, in turn, return them with favourable results.