digital marketing strategy with Benefits of Google My Business

As we have put our phonebook days behind us, businesses are shifting their marketing efforts online by the bunch. Which is probably the best thing to happen as it not only makes your business easy to find, but also to reach a vast expansion of potential customers. An online directory such as Google my Business, works wonders to promote businesses, especially when it comes to smaller businesses who are just building up their rapport.  Here are a few ways small businesses can benefit from Google My Business.

Table of contents:

1.Your Business Shows Up in Google Maps Searches

2. You get Free Google Advertising

3. Increase in Traffic and Sales

Your Business Shows Up in Google Maps Searches

The thing that most small businesses struggle with is visibility. Second to online reviews, the factor that consumers take into consideration when searching for a local business is their proximity to the location. Hence, most people use Google maps location to locate businesses nearby.

When consumers search for a particular service, Google maps indicate local businesses that meet your criteria with red markers. You can register your business by simply creating a Google My Business listing and completing the verification steps. After you have registered your business, your store will start to pop up for local business searches as well.

You get Free Google Advertising

Running a Google Ads campaign is an ideal way to get on top of Google, which is expensive by all means. A Google by Business listing, on the other hand, offers fast and free advertising on Google. Additionally,you get targeted exposure on the world’s most trusted search engine. The best part is that it costs absolutely nothing to create, claim, and verify your listing and takes less time to optimize your profile than to get a solid paid search campaign and running. You can also see quicker results than building up your organic search.

Increase in Traffic and Sales

Another aspect that is challenging for small businesses is maintaining an increase in quality website traffic and keeping steady foot traffic through the doors. While there is no surefire way to fix it, having a Google My Business listing can greatly help boost your numbers across the board.

Just by registering for a listing and being visible in local searches, businesses are 70% more likely to attract location visits from browsing potential. 50% of these customers are more likely to make a purchase. So with the correct digital marketing strategy you can boost your traffic and sales.

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