Digital Marketing For Mom and Pop Shops

How Digitalization Can Save Our Beloved Mom and Pop Shops in India


The use of digital technologies to transform a country and its economy is deemed possible in this modern age. Digital marketing has been successfully transforming the global economy. Marketing a product and service have gone through a huge change and their current presence in the market is decided by their online presence through different digital mediums and platforms.

Mom and Pop store are the ones who had been hugely affected by the recent trend of digital marketing. The term is referred to any grocery store whose sales are restricted to the nearby local residents. These shops were owned by the members of a particular family who engaged themselves in creating good harmony and trust along with their sales.

Since the late 1990's and early 2000, the start of the digital age, there has been significant changes in the consumer behavior platform and also affected the growth and sales of much business. Until the non-existence of digital marketing, the opportunities were almost equal to all and then hit the use of social media platforms when big MNC and companies started investing millions of money on their personalized campaigns and with this, the big companies grew in revenue and also increased in their digital presence. The small and local shops were left astonished without knowing the exact reason for their declining sales.

There are many reasons which have caused the offline and the evergreen mom and pop shops decline in India:

  • While you are shopping offline, you do not have a huge variety of products and services to choose from.
  • The physical space of an offline seller is limited while the digital space of online sellers is vast which allows them to have many varieties for the customers to choose from.
  • People always prefer easier options while they are shopping. People are tired of having to go out each and every time you require to buy something. The virtual shopping websites have made buying possible and the effort is negligible.
  • The market of the offline seller is limited so they cannot effort to provide many discounts that are provided to them by the online sellers, whose profits are the same due to bulk sales.

The need to change

The mom and pop stores and some small stores were hugely affected by this new trend of online shopping. The shops which witnessed huge traffic of customers were seen vacant. Seeing the need for social presence, the local shop owners took steps to earn and collaborated with many big online retailers, to market and sell their products on a huge platform. The local mom and pop shops in India collaborated well with E-commerce sites like Flipkart, Big Bazar and Amazon who helped them to sell their products to customers, all over India. The Amazon venture of 'Apni Dukan' has made the selling of products possible for the local shop owners who are clueless about the digital platform and Marketing.

Why mom and pop shops had to go Digital?

They realized that the online shopping platforms have taken over offline shopping. They understood the need for changes, that must be implemented to stay in this business. Now, the local shopkeepers are engaged to local and global E-commerce sites who bring the customers to the offline seller and also acts as a bridge which connects it to its customers. Everything has to change and so should we.

Why are Local listing and online advertisement important?

The local shops have made themselves visible by listing their products on local listings like Just Dial and Sulekha which are designed to find probable customers and divert them to the best option from among the thousands of local business to choose from. Like in offline shopping their products and services are no more restricted to their local community but are sold online throughout India. The online service of products has helped offline stores to have a digital presence and also to increase their business to a greater extent.

Why consider Social media and web pages for promotion?

Another important idea is the use of social media and websites to promote your brand or product and eventually increase sales. The number of internet users around the world has been around 2/3 rd of the total population on earth. This is a huge number of customers and increases your sales by presenting it to millions of customers who might consider buying it online. This reason has compelled the local business to create social groups and web pages, through which the company can be accessed by any person worldwide and it also makes communication between the seller and the buyer very user-friendly and prompt, They can also be notified about new stocks or discounts which are designed to attract customers.

The Digitalization of the Country

We cannot deny the fact that a country with good growth and net income are hugely dependent on its digital branding and advertisement to inform everyone about their recent trends and services. Tons of money is spent worldwide on digital packages which do not come free but it helps you to boost your online presence through a series of technique.

It is a must to adapt to the newest digital trends, which helps them to compete with other companies who deal with the same product. The economy of the country also depends upon the use of Digital media for Marketing, inside a country.

It is due to digitalization that much small-scale local businesses have been able to attain customers on whom they do not know anything about. The old age tradition of local sellers comes with a high cultural value and they should never be oppressed under the modern techniques.

The online market has a huge opportunity for revenue but the interaction between the seller and the customer was an age-old tradition, which surely has lost their charm.

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