Digital Taste and Preferences of Generation Z in India

Digital Taste and Preferences of Generation Z in India


Marketers have gradually started to recognize the brunt of the Generation Z who are rapidly growing in number and are the first cumulative Smartphone natives born after 1990.

Who are Generation Z?

They are young people who are born after the 90s and can't think of a time when internet especially social media platforms did not exist. The other names of Generation Z are Homeland Generation, iGeneration, Centennials, Post-Millennials, Generation Sensible and Gen Z. The approximate population of the Gen Z is 23 million which is rapidly growing.

Not much is known about the Gen Z but the environment in which they are growing up is familiar to us.

Gen Z is the most diverse ever as the technology allows them to get customized instruction, pinpoint diagnosis, and reconciliation with opportunities which are well accelerated.

And the best part about them is that they are and will be internet and technology-oriented winning the race with the Gen Y.

According to a survey, Gen Z has already covered a good number of consumers around the world and by 2020 40% of the consumers will be Gen Z.

Any business willing to survive into the decade must consider relying on the Gen Z understanding their needs as they are tomorrow's trendsetter, marketers will have to adopt technology as consumers are updating rapidly with it.

Here's what marketers should know about the Centennials in order to win the race with the other leaders of the industry:

1-They are Brandaholic:

Gen Z has a craving for something which is associated with the trends when it comes to brand. The practice of branding which begun in ancient Egypt is now spread all over the globe and name brands are sometimes distinguished from the store brands.

As a result, the marketers have to filter it every day to enhance the engagement of every individual in such a way that it becomes convenient for both the buyer and the marketer.

2-The want more personalized experience:

They are aware of brands which are approachable to the customer offering them highly illustrating communications. They never knew a cell phone which wasn't smart and an ad that wasn't targeted.

In comparison with the Gen Z, only 22 % of the millennials and 11% of the baby boomers share their expectations of having a more personalized experience based on shopping habits and preferences while 26% of the Gen Zers shared their expectation of the same.

3-How to interact with them:

The members of the Gen Z are tech-savvy and expect a quick shopping experience without any marketing fuzz. As by 2020, the centennials will count a huge base of consumers the brands have to update enough to connect with these breeds.

This includes a method where you don't have to work too hard on the strategies to be trendy rather you have to just be attentive to the trending topics and convey them in the original or in a funny way.

When a marketer is depending on the Digital marketing for Generation Z in India, they have to keep in mind that campaign with social influencers works the best to deliver the message of your brand to the centennials.

4-Their shopping journey includes different networks for each stage:

59% members of the Gen Z are more likely to get connected with a brand on social than the older generation as it is much beneficial as well as easy to research about any product on social media.

45% of the centennials use and rely on Twitter which is the most popular app for brand detection. Facebook is not far behind with 40% members depending on it.

When it comes to the recommendation of shopping, YouTube is the leader with 24% members of the Gen Z followed by Instagram with 17% and Facebook with 16%.

5-Visuals are more advantageous:

Most members of the Gen Z are interested in the virtual reality and know how to abdicate what is irrelevant or dull to them. According to the census, the average of Gen Z consumers receives more than 2, 00000 marketing messages from different modes of media be it TV, Newspaper, Facebook or hoardings beside the roads.

So, your content as well as the product, has to stand out in order to deliver your message to your custom buyer which finally results in conversions. Most brands are investing in VR which target the Centennials in a more affectionate way with a perfect mix of humor, value, and inspiration.

Don�t get left behind and cope with the technical change!!

Finding inspiration and motivation is necessary and as a good marketer, you have to pretend that your consumers are complete human beings as marketing is the art of creating legitimate consumer value.

As Gayle Fuguitt said, "We want to know what consumers are looking for, what their values are, and how can we meet their needs. It's not just about Big Data; it's about translating that into the truth."

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