Discover the Easy Way to Get Your Envelopes Opened

Discover the Easy Way to Get Your Envelopes Opened


Mailing is still the best way to communicate with people who are important to us especially when you are dealing with your clients. Direct mails make a good impression over the receiver and convey the message that holds the importance of any particular subject. But even the most important sales later remain effective if the receiver doesn't open it.

The main intention of sending a mail is to make the receiver read. Here comes the importance of envelope to catch the attention of the receiver which helps in creating the impression. Let's check out the easy ways to deal with the envelope in terms of making it opened.

Easy Ways to Get Your Envelopes Opened

Look into the size



Size of your envelope plays a lead role in catching the attention because the too small or too large size will create problems in making the envelope open. Try to maintain a standard size the envelope should be at least, larger than the document you have inserted.

Deal with Creative Envelope Stocks

The type of stock of your envelope needs to be considered as one of the important factors for holding the impression. Choose good quality paper and standard colour designs to make the business envelope attractive. Textured stock like linen or laid offers a high-end feel whereas vellum, glassine, and polybag-type envelopes will maintain the standard by holding the brand image.

Make the Best Use of Messaging



It is always important to create the curiosity by adding messages in the front, back and even inside the envelope so that the receiver will find a reason to open it. The dynamic message will tell a lot about the subject of the mail but will not disclose everything to make the receiver excited.

Come Up with the Change

Yes, it is important to maintain consistency but dealing with the same design again and again will create a problem for you. The receiver might become confused about your current mail with the earlier one and will assume that they read it once. Changing the style will make it likable and engaging genuinely.

Personalize Your Envelope



Personalizing the envelope will make the receiver feel special and a bit excited about reading the content inside. By adding the unique and different messages for each recipient will enhance the response rate. This is like adding value to the mail by impressing receivers individually.

Choose the Right Time

Timing is always important to make it happen positively where you need to choose the lightest day like Tuesday or second lightest day like Wednesday instead of sending the mail on Monday as it is considered as the heaviest day for delivery.

Maintain Intervals

What will when you message your friend three times a day? She might give responses, exactly in the same way you need to maintain the intervals while sending mail. Six weeks is a good interval for mailing because it increases the value of your mail and also increases the chances of a response.

The ways mentioned above will surely create a difference in getting the response as the recipients find the effective reasons to open the envelope. Finally, when a person opened the envelope with a specific intention or interest, the subject will get stored in his mind which results in a response or reply.

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