Elements of a Strong Brand Identity

5 Key Elements To When Your Brand Needs A Strong Identity


A brand is the set of memories, relationships and stories which influence and account for a consumer's choice of one product over another.

Understanding Brand-Identity

Brand identity can be referred to visual components of a brand's large ideas and sometimes it can also be termed as the 'face of the brand'. Your brand identity is the highlight of your company's reputation through the way of attributes, purpose, values, strengths and passion.

Being a visual component of a brand, it is the image or the features that you would like your customers to think and have whenever your Brand's name is mentioned. Some term it as the message which the consumer gets from the product. A strong brand identity may have positive effects on loyalty, good price and high creditability. Besides the outer visual representation Brand identity also provides a sense of pride within the employees working for that organization which boosts employee morale and loyalty. The brand identity consists of various elements like logos, colour combination, packaging and typography which not only complements but also strengthens the already established reputation of the brand.

What are the elements of the brand identity?

Brand identity is a wide concept and cannot be limited to just a logo of a brand. Besides logo brand identity hugely depends upon building your virtual position to grow as a brand.

Brand Elements consists of a logo, brand name, slogan, and jingle as well as packaging style is all examples of the key elements of Branding. The more elements you manage to establish for your brand, the more it makes sure that the variations of that scheme will not disintegrate your brand identity.

Now we have a brief idea about the key elements of the brand identity, let us discuss a few points in detail:

1. Clear brand purpose and positioning

The first and the important part of a brand identity are determining what exactly is your purpose and you're positioning. The brand positioning is mentioning the target customers and stating what differentiates your brand from the others. The purpose of the brand is the reason for its existence. Before creating your logo and choosing the colour palette, Informing about your strategy is definitely a good step to start your branding with. For brand identity, a clear purpose, positioning and personality is the foundation for your product.

2. Memorable logo

A logo is a graphical signal and a core of your brand identity. A logo helps to differentiate and identify our company and brand or product through use of a signature Logo, mark, flag, design or symbol. A logo is not directly related to its sales or the description of the company. It is the symbol of your brand identity which is expressed in a graphical way that stays in the customers head after they see them. Most of the logos are creative brand name or symbol which represents the brand in an interesting way. A clear brand is the first step which must be followed by a logo that compliments, matches and enhances that brand.

The logo must be lined up with other essential elements of your brand identity as well as its broad emotional appeal of your brand.

3. Website

Your website is one of the most important essences of your brand identity to promote your brand on the online platform. If you're running a digital product or an online business, your customers are likely to check your website and are sure to rate your brand identity which is showcased on your website. A website is the first impression for a brand which helps customers to decide whether to do business with you would be a good idea.

When you create a website, you need to assure that the texts, its colours and images are used to create an optimized representation of your brand.

4. Attractive Colour Palette

Along with the logo design, another important element of Brand identity is the colour palette. The design should also be simple and primary 1 or 2 colours are suggested to be used to create an online effect. Before choosing the colour you must know the psychology of specific colours. It is said that each colour arises a certain kind of traits in a person. Due to this reason, an attractive colour palette is an essential element in Brand Identity.

Let us take an example of the colour blue which is said to express calm and the colour red or yellow are said to express passion and energy. The tint of the actual colours is said to magically adjust a customer's emotion. A professional expert states that light tint of blue portrays tranquillity, while a dark shade of blue conveys trust, which is an essential trait being used by banks nowadays to manipulate customers behaviour towards them.

5. Typography

Just as colours can influence a company's vibe the topography used is also likely to have an effect on the customers your business targets. For example, a law firm's business card cannot use comic sans as its font as law firm must assure and generate trust towards its customers whereas comic sans is too funky to arouse the trust and seriousness of the firm. It is also a science of human behaviour and its traits. Topography is all around us and creates an impact depending upon the use of font which the board uses.

Use of correct topography is also an essential part of the brand identity as brand identity is all about visuality.

6. Graphic Elements

Graphic elements are very important in creating a brand identity. It is the icing on the cake no one would like to ignore. They portray an overall picture of the brand and serves as a final touch of style which creates a complete and uniform image of the brand. The graphic element is not at all a piece of cake. You may start off by finding readymade templates and pictures from the web but you may not be able to use them as you do not have the rights to use the imagery.

In this age of creativity, your design sense is supposed to be unique as well as stand out across all channels. The best option to master graphic elements would be by hiring a professional graphic designer who would pull of an impressive look for your brand as we as create a distinct look for your brand through the use of correct styles.

These elements of brand identity are essential in maintaining a good brand image in front of their customers. Brand identity mixed with a right balance of the brand image can pull in a huge crowd of customers who believe what they see.

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