Everything Need To Know About Secret Shadowban on Instagram

Everything You Need to Know About the Secret Shadowban on Instagram


Instagram is ruling the world by competing with leading social media sites. You can upload your posts with a hashtag and make it popular within a minute by sharing it with your followers and even with people who are not in the list of your followers. In a short span, Instagram becomes one of the leading social media platforms for businesses as well as for creative minds. Photographs are doing great in this platform and making their brand stronger in a wider way.

But do you face any problem in using Instagram? Are you sure that your posts are reaching the audiences by using popular hashtags? If not, then why? When you are trying hard by engaging hashtags and still unable to expand your audiences, you might feel frustrated by lacking behind your confidence. Here, we come up with an interesting blog that helps you in handling your Instagram account in a proper way.

Why Your Instagram Posts Are Not Creating Wonders?

If you are unaware of the facts that why your posts are getting fewer likes and views then you must know about the term 'shadowban'. Yes, shadowbanning is the act of blocking the content of a user on social media sites, if the user is not complying with the terms and condition of Instagram. In such a case, your posts will become invisible within the public and you will remain unaware of the issue. If you are shadowbanned on Instagram, only your followers will get to see your posts even after using popular hashtags and won't appear on anyone else's feed.

It happens because everyone is trying their best to reach the top or just wishing to become popular by increasing their followers on Instagram. Some user uses inauthentic measures or uses automated bots and so many hashtags to make your post widely spread on social media but according to Instagram it seems unfair and they block those users to help other authentic users to receive genuine content. Shortcuts will not help you in achieving fame unless and until you are aware of the right of dealing with the policies imposed by Instagram.  Let's know more about important creative principles set by Instagram to keep you away from shadowban on Instagram.

Creative Principles for Good Content on Instagram

You can apply these principles to target the right audiences and to achieve success on Instagram instead of getting dependent on hashtags.

Distinct Visual Presence

Visually attractive posts using a creative logo, useful branding elements, choosing the right colour, and making the content unique are some of the points that make your content distinct and easily popular among people who get attracted by the post. You can reach a community by creating the post unique and more sensible.

Bring the Story

Only dealing with the attractive part will not work if your post is not appealing with its meaning. An image or highlight video must tell a story about your business or something depending upon the post. Brand awareness and increase of sale will work with the story that touches the audience and in terms of reaching more audiences. You can portray a big message through a small post and this is possible by telling a story. 

Put Extra Care

You must think and put extra effort to make a post popular within a large group. Dealing with this step doesn't mean that you need to build additional content but at-least you care for making the post inspirable by reaching the business goal. Your care and efforts will bring positive changes to your post.

How Will You Know That You Are Shadowbanned and Why It Happened?

Yes, this question might be striking in your mind that how will find out that you are shadowbanned or not. You can confirm it by posting an image on your Instagram account by using a hashtag that isn't often used. After posting tell five friends who are not your followers on Instagram to search the hashtag. If no one finds your post even after typing the correct hashtag then it becomes clear that you are shadowbanned. 

Now, you must be wondering that why it happens? So, here are some of the reasons that are responsible for shadowban on Instagram.

  • You might use bots or any other Instagram growth tool which are not authentic.
  • You might use broken hashtags in inappropriate content.
  • Your account might be reported repeatedly because of violating terms of service.
  • You might post, comment, engage or follow people too quickly using bots.

How to Fix It?

There is always a way to normalize the account because the Instagram team will watch your activities and you need to act according to the rules set by them. So, here are some of the ways that will help you to remove shadowban on Instagram.

Delete Those Automated Services or Bots Immediately

You must verify the account by going into the edit profile section where you will find "Authorized Application" if you find any bots account to list the remove them immediately.

Never Use Banned Hashtags

Check out the list of hashtags that are already banned on Instagram. You should use those hashtags to keep the account safe and secure.

Wait for 48-hour

Taking a break from posting will reset the system and give you a chance to back on track one more time.

Follow Rules and Regulation Set by Instagram

It is always advisable to read the rules and regulations carefully before posting. Your content and posts must be authentic which will definitely help you to grow audiences in the right way.

Hopefully, this information will help you handle your Instagram account by coping up with the shadowban. You can do wonders on Instagram by maintaining authenticity because 100 followers will always better than making 1000 followers who welcome risk in carrying the brand image for a long time.

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