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Social media marketing has been in place with the extensive popularity of social media sites. Social media campaigns are co-ordinated marketing efforts put in place to enforce business goals across one or multiple social platforms. Facebook is one such popular social platform and companies are always on the lookout for the best Facebook advertising packages. Campaigns are strongly targeted towards particular business goals and are popular because of their focus and measurability. These social media campaigns are monitored regularly to keep up with the trends.

Table of contents:

  1. Campaigns monitoring and creation
  2. Impacts of campaign monitoring on Facebook
  3. Conclusion

Campaigns monitoring and creation

Before starting a social media campaign you must have all the tools to track your numbers. Refer to free social media marketing apps that track shares, likes and keywords regarding your business. Once that is done and you have a base line to work out of establish your goals and determine a definitive schedule for your campaign. Having a structured timeline is important to keep track of cost and comparing the pre campaign and post campaign performances.

A social media campaign should focus on one particular business goal. Some of the common goals are:

  • Increasing the website traffic: This is one of the most important goals for a business user as it is the foundation of any campaign.
  • Building an email marketing list: mailing list subscriptions are vital if you are pushing to drive up your sales.
  • Getting active feedback from customers: Feedback from customers serves as note as tro what you are doing right or wrong.
  • Improving brand engagement: it is crucial to engage with your customers in order to inspire loyalty and faith in the customers.

Impacts of campaign monitoring on Facebook

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms and relatively has the most number of users. As the demographic range of facebook is very large, the amount of exposure it has is unparalleled. Businesses are always looking for reasonable and affective facebook advertising packages to invest in the growth of their brand.


With the growing use of technology social media campaigns have taken over the marketing industry. It is now one of the most effective means of digital marketing.

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This post may be useful for people who are looking into social media campaigns for their business. It contains basic information on social media campaigns.