Facebook Marketing Precise Control Over Your Campaign

Get Precise Control Over Your Campaign Costs


You might have the ad campaign with the aim of targeting an enormous audience. Well for this, you definitely need reach and frequency. It is because to get the predictable and controlled ad at a locked price. Do you think setting up of the ad will be enough to get the control over campaign cost? No it will not because you do need Facebook marketing package and fulfil all other criteria. This includes choosing a number of people to see the ads and planning details for up to six months.

Table of Contents:

  • What things are involved when you submit your ad to the Facebook ad auction?

Purchase of the ads

Parameters in the ad creation process

  • Budget
  • Audience
  • Creative
  • Conclusion

What things are involved when you submit your ad to the Facebook ad auction?











Purchase of the ads

First and foremost, you have to understand the way of purchasing ads. In Facebook, the most common way of purchasing ad is through the ad management tool, Ads Manager. The purchase of ads will be done by creating an ad. After this, it will be submitted for the ad auction.

Parameters in the ad creation process

The auction will determine which ads should be shown to certain people. It is an integral part of a Facebook marketing package which shows the linkup between ad auction and interested people. The parameters that gets highlight during this process are:


You will get the opportunity to set the budget for the advertisement. You can set it in the way you want to spend daily or over the running campaign. You can also set a bid of your maximum amount which you are ready to pay when someone sees your ad.


The best thing is the advantage to choose the audience. With the Facebook marketing package, you can choose the ones you want to see your ad. You can use the demographics of your choice for this like age, gender and cities. The connection with people and their interests will be done easily because of this.


In the end, you will get the chance to give looks to your ad. The text, images and videos can be used to grab the attention of the people. After the creation of the ad, it will go to the auction from where the showcase will start.

With all of this and Facebook marketing package, you'll get an idea of how far your money goes. This will help you to know the exact budget that you need to set for reaching the audience. When the ads get set up, the ads will get delivered at the price that you booked.

Note: The creator of the ad is in charge of all the process. The budget result and payment action will all depend on the advertiser.

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