Google advertising with Google Ad Sizes and Formats to look out for

Google ad sizes, also mentioned as Google banner ad sizes, are the numerous differing types of banner sizes available for Google’s network mentioned as Ad Sense. A touch like other PPC networks, Google advertising allows publishers to display a spread of varied sized ads on their websites.

Table of contents:

Why does Google Ad Size matter?

Google Ad Sizes and Formats to look out for!

  • Medium Rectangle
  • Large Rectangle
  • Leaderboard
  • Large Skyscraper
  • Horizontal Google Banner Ad Sizes
  • Large Leaderboard
  • Square Google Ad Sizes


Why does Google Ad Size matter?

When you’re browsing the tactic of putting up a banner ad on the Network, one of the varied considerations that you’ll get to deal with is that the dimensions of the image you use. Since every website isn’t designed the same, not every website can use the same ad format, hence why Google features a variety of varied sizes. Not only does this make it easier for websites to suit ads into their website, but it also gives advertisers a choice of varied ad sizes to use.

Google Ad Sizes and Formats to look out for!

Medium Rectangle

The medium rectangle leads to maintain an outsized supply of ad inventory on the Google display network. When both text and image ads are active, this enhances the ad inventory of the size even more. This size of ad performs the only when it’s embedded within text content or at the highest of articles.

Large Rectangle

Comparable to the medium rectangle above, the large rectangle also has an ample supply of ad inventory within the system. With its area being somewhat larger than the medium format, it grabs user’s study much easier which significantly raises the possibility of a click. The huge rectangle performs best when placed within a bit of writing or at the highest.


The leaderboard advertisement is one of the standard general Google advertising sizes and turns particularly well when placed above the foremost content. Its long straight width helps improve its influence on users and gives them more likely to click it. Because of its width, this size is best used for advertising logos, name and text.

Large Skyscraper

One of the fastest-growing sizes by impressions, the huge skyscraper is right for grabbing user’s attention when placed next to articles and content. Its large dimensions make it hard to not notice and greatly increases the possibilities of users clicking thereon. Favoured by mark advertisers, this ad size allows higher payouts for administrators and better progress for advertisers.

Horizontal Google Banner Ad Sizes

Now we’ve verified the foremost popular Google ad sizes, it’s time to look at the rest. These not so common ad sizes often have non-standard dimensions and should, therefore, be hard to place on certain websites. Since these sizes aren’t so popular, it also means there is a scarcity of demand and supply.

Large Leaderboard

Just like the regular ad sizes, these measurements are less in interest opposed to those we covered earlier. This is often primarily because of the actual fact that the bulk of advertisers prefer the broader large skyscraper instead. Having a very thin vertical ad makes it hard to suit on the text and massive sentences. This considerably decreases what quite ads are often performed without them seeming too crowded.

Square Google Ad Sizes

To polish off our list of ad sizes, we have the squared section. These square advertisements aren’t usually used balanced to the quadrilateral sizes as they’re smaller and don’t look as appealing. The rectangle ads make it easy to position text and pictures during a natural way that the user will understand.

Understanding your industry and what ad sizes they use is vital if you’d wish to urge the foremost exposure from your campaign from Google advertising.

Note: This is a promotional blog elaborating the next trends and importance of google ads sizes.