Google Adwords and How It Adds Value To Your Business

Google Adwords and How It Adds Value To Your Business


It is simply amazing how Google Adwords which initially launched during the year 2000 with around 350 advertisers could achieve more than 1 million advertisers generating billions in revenue for Google Adwords. It has become a great tool to rank higher than those big businesses irrespective of their size of the operation.

How it all started?

The idea of ads that were purely based on what people had been searching was a terrific idea from Bill Gross of the Idea Lab, who also accepted being motivated by the concept of Yellow Pages himself.

We cannot say Google copied the idea because Adwords were based on rankings and other similar and features. You can credit Salar Kamangar for creating a revolutionary Adwords from a concept to a reality.

Though Google had begun Premium Sponsorship ad a few months before, Adwords caught the right path to success and accelerated quickly, eliminating its initial ad program.

The changes brought about by Google Adwords

Though ads were common during that period, paying for ads according to its performance or clicks was a far better business advertisement prospect. Transparency was another ease that helped the business track their growth and the amount spend on leads along with the revenue they earned in return. It was a revolutionary idea which was worth every penny that was spending on it.

Let us look at digital advantages of 'Google Adwords'

1. Increase Brand Awareness:

There really came no Branding guarantee along with traditional ad platforms like newspaper, billboards and TV advertisements. This concept was like hitting an arrow in the dark waiting on results without any insight or progress summary. Google Adwords bought about a revolution in the Branding awareness strategies with effective and location specified ads to match their Brand Awareness expectations.

2. Quick rescue and traffic shift

It cannot be denied that Adwords has brought about equality among brands and have divided them into just two types, Digital and Offline. The brands may be constantly upgrading to match competition and focus on traffic control and Adwords has made it possible irrespective of how big or smaller your operations aim at. Using Adwords may help you achieve Top rank for your brand in your niche.

3. Faster Result than SEO

On the Google search engine, businesses have the perfect opportunity now to be seen by people whenever they are looking out for a product or a service. Google is definitely the first page you open for buying anything and maintaining high rank through organic results or SEO could be helpful but time consuming too.

The SEO strategy can be effective but the duration of implementation cannot be forecasted and this problem is also fixed by Google like its search engine also gave us a solution to it. Adwords allows business to be shown right above the organic results, doubling the chances of engagement through the proper use of Adwords.

4. Influence the audience to make the purchase

Research has been one of the most engaging behavior, a customer is said to do before he takes any purchase decision. Google has information about everything online and using Adwords to be seen and allowing probable customers to view your website and to view your range of products as they compare different options before taking the decision. Using Adwords to redirect them to your website can be profitable and profitable.

5. Better ad visibility to the high-quality audience

The more you are seen, depending on your Adwords package, the better engagement rates you will enjoy. If you have your web presence highlighted perfectly and in an engaging creative manner, using Google Adwords could give you the edge that your business needs. You get your share of high quality traffic and inquiry with immense possibilities of a purchase. The use of keywords during Adwords can be tricky as some keywords may just be to analyze competitors and not for purchase. It is a game which needs to be played well.

6. Balancing present and acting for a better future

Adwords may just be the most amazing technique to boost your business and even stand out over another healthy competitor through good use of words and techniques but how long would you survive on ads. A branding is a well balanced act and Adwords is fine for sudden highlight or quick engagement, whenever needed but you must also plan your brand's future prospects. You must also simultaneously act on its SEO and not ignore its organic sources as in the long run, the feats you currently enjoy through ads would come in naturally. AdWords has really equaled the business opportunities for everyone irrespective of their scale of operation. Its transparency and clear insight on the ads is definitely an asset but we must refrain from depending too much on Adwords as it just a short term goal achiever, not a long term prospect.

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