Grow Your Small Business in India on Youtube With These Ideas

Grow Your Small Business In India On YouTube With These Ideas


India is a developing country where people are always anxious to fulfill their plans and ventures through a new business plan. The social platforms have made it even for both small as well as large companies to advertise on the same level. YouTube is a video sharing platform which is supposed to be more effective in attracting customers as a video is supposed to attract more than just pictures.

Let Us Look At A Few Key Tips To Start A Good Business First

  • You must have a good business idea
  • You have to research the business policies
  • Make a budget for your start-up
  • Be smart to sell your product
  • After the good startup try to make it prominent and successful

India has lots of opportunities for small and mid-scale business along with the large business industries. Small business is the ones where you do not need a huge amount of investments to startups but at the same time can earn a good amount as profit. So, let us discuss top 10 profitable small-scale businesses that you can start in India.


Starting a restaurant in India is never a bad idea. Restaurants are where people like to eat delicious food and have a chat, so a well designed or offbeat kind of restaurant can earn good revenue for you in India. Make videos of the restaurant, of the kitchen while cooking, customers while eating and functions held in the restaurants.


India is among those countries which are packed with wonderful destinations to be visited. People from all around the globe come to visit them throughout the year. So, you can start a travel agency which will offer the best packages to the spectacular destinations. It is easy to make videos of the destinations you will provide with the help of SEO tools.

3-Wedding planners

A wedding is almost like a festival in India and is taken seriously by all the communities of India. Become a wedding planner which is on trend today. Videos of the wedding of the client with colorful lights and smiling faces can hike the number of your subscribers. The only thing you have to do is to maintain a good publicity of your website as wedding planners are approached online mostly.


A bakery is definitely one of the largest food producers in India. Videos of the processing of the items in the bakery can be interesting for the viewers. The startup of Bakery business does not require a huge amount and it is a profitable business at any corner of the country. Biscuits, cakes, slices of bread, pastries have high demand in the local area.

5-Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is easily affordable and more beautiful than that of gold or silver. The handmade pieces of jewelry are trending since the early ages. Jewelry made of mud; wood are the ones which women prefer to wear. Take videos of making the pieces of jewelry and post on your YouTube channel to get more viewers.

6-Breakfast point

A cup of tea and two slices of bread and an omelet after jogging is something people crave for. A breakfast point in India is a profitable business. The sun rising, clear and bright sky and people running in the park can be a great video. Start a stall with few chairs and benches near a jogger's park and your business will go on.

7-Yoga Center

Being slim and fit is on trends. So, a yoga center can be a profitable business. It needs the smallest amount as start-up compared to other fitness businesses. Capture the Yoga teacher's exercise on camera and post the video on YouTube. Along with health and fitness, a yoga center also provides inner tranquility.

8-Home delivery

Venture into the food business by making videos of your cooking which is always a profitable business. Since most of the people in a family are working; they do not get enough time to prepare food. They also love homemade food which is mostly safe and tasty in comparison to those of food stalls on roads.


As mentioned earlier, today most of the members of a family are working; hence it is quite tough for them to pamper their child. Kids playing all around, a clean and tidy atmosphere and good looking classrooms are what parents look for. So, do not get late to make the video featuring the mentioned things. This is where pre-schools come. You just need to keep a concentrated view on the children and invest in the educational pieces of equipment and on safety.

10-Handyman services

Handyman in this context means plumbers, electricians, home staffs, etc who are the unsung heroes of our society. They are generally not associated with any agency or institution. They prefer to work on their own and you have to buy the necessary types of equipment to start working. So, to earn good profit through this business, making a video of working at the desired destination can be helpful.

Youtube-best channel for promotions

A video is a powerful key to popularize any business and make it fit in the digital marketing field and YouTube is the best video sharing platform where people watch 3.25 billion hours of videos every month. YouTube advertising is a great section for a small business to gain fame. But, like any other tool, you will get the most of YouTube when you use it well.

Now that you have an idea about the kinds of businesses that you can start in India, let us discuss the top YouTube tips to run your business successfully:

  • Create a channel and customize it well to compliment your shop and highlight your business venue.
  • Make sure your content is accessible to anyone by adding subtitles
  • Try to leave an immediate impression on the viewers but avoid relying on supplementary texts which may be annoying.
  • Stay updated and judge well before deleting offensive comments.
  • If other channels cover your business area, product or works for a noble cause which you support, then make them friends.
  • Make your content interesting by adding good background music, using a high definition camera, etc.
  • Upload videos on special occasions such as festivals, national holidays, the birthday of a celebrity, etc.
  • Do not forget to promote your channel on other social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc and share some of your best videos there to get more subscribers
  • When you chose to promote your brand the YouTube way, do not neglect it. Even if, you do not have any content to post keep logging in to stay on the top.

What is Neighbourly or Hyper Local?

Now with the advancement of technology, Google has come up with a hyper-local query app called Neighbourly through which you can get answers to local questions in your neighborhood. It helps in finding the best place to eat, nearby medical shop, best parks for children etc.

Now, Google My Business is offering the option of uploading your content video on your local my business page. If a good engagement goes on your page, then Google will give mileage when someone will make a hyper local query.

The only limit of the realization of tomorrow is the doubts of today!!

Success is something which does not come overnight. So do not lose hope and don't let the fear of failure overcome the excitement of winning.

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