How copy writing helps in increasing traffic count?

How copy writing helps in increasing traffic count?


The objective of business is prosperity. Every business has something to sell, and copywriting is the only most powerful way to achieve sales and profits. All huge and successful online business tactics are conceived around superior quality copywriting, perfectly termed as "salesmanship in print". Thus it is safe to say that the phrase "content is the king" is undeniably true in the digital marketing world. Business owners should keep pace with this powerful traffic and sales oriented digital marketing tool. Because, in the thriving digital world, copywriting is the only marketing tool that will never change.

Some aspects of copywriting that drive traffic and conversions:

1. SEO Meta title and Meta descriptions:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about strategy, flair, tactics, and techniques. It's about getting found in the search results with better ranking and visibility. Meta titles and descriptions are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Key benefits of SEO Mata title and Meta descriptions:

  • Meta Title is the Title and the crucial SEO element in a page with 60 characters. It urges or provides a reason to click through.
  • Meta Descriptions is a brief text that basically summarizes page content up to 160 characters. It helps you to increase the CTR (Click Through Rates) of your webpage.
  • They distinguish your brand from other competitors that are listed in the search result, and they are also a great way to increase your ranking on Google. USP�(unique selling proposition) is another feature of Meta Description. It can be anything from free delivery offer to the best products available. USP sets you apart from your competitors and encourages the audience to pick your site.

2. Social Media -

Social media is a significant part of a brand's business strategy for drawing traffic and the most favored business optimization tool. It is the best medium to get social, where you receive sincere and genuine feedback from your customers or audience. Social media is the best platform where you can easily target your audience with product-specific copywriting, ultimately increasing loyalty and conversion.

Major advantages of social media for your business:

  • Brand Awareness or exposure.
  • Larger target audience.
  • Genuine feedback.
  • Better opportunities.
  • Brand equity, Sales, and Leads.

3. Paid ads:

Exceptional sales copywriting do attract buyers, mostly in advertising. Paid Ads is another crucial medium to take your business and sales towards better conversions with an overall increase in revenues. Adopting digital platforms like Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and other paid Ads will be profitable for your business.

Benefits of Paid Ads:

  • Paid Ads gives you fast and effective results.
  • Paid Ads are measurable and easily affordable.
  • You can broadcast your brand message across multiple platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, etc.

4. Amazon Ads:

The e-commerce giant Amazon presents a huge opportunity for the business to reach out to millions of consumers at a click of the button. With Amazon Ad services, a business can separate itself from the massive selection of products and competition in the market. The Ad services provided are sponsored ads, display ads, PPC, etc.

Benefits of Amazon Ads:

  • Better ranking
  • PPC, pay per clicks, not impressions
  • Reach buyers, not viewers
  • Global Reach
  • Compatible with all the devices

5. Email marketing:

According to Direct Marketing Channel, email marketing has the highest ROI on marketing channel. A great catchy headline urges the audience to see the content and can get you a potential customer. Email marketing is targeted, measurable, and easy to do.

Benefits of Email marketing for business are:

  • Increases traffic by getting potential customers to come back.
  • Coupons are delivered via emails.
  • Builds credibility and lasting customer relationships.
  • Increases customer value along with conversion rates.

6. Content marketing:

Content marketing is significant for building brand awareness, connects you with customers and improves your visibility in search rankings. Blog posts, digital campaigns, videos, SEO are some of the aspects of content marketing that can do a miracle in increasing the traffic counts.

Benefits of Content marketing:

  • It helps to build customer trust.
  • It allows you to take benefits of organic search.
  • It helps you establish your brand identity.
  • It is easy to analyze its performance.
  • It leads to better ROI.
  • Attracts ideal buyers.

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