How Does Twitter Work For Small Businesses And Marketing

How Does Twitter Work For Small Businesses And Marketing


Marketing represents your brand and runs the household like a queen!!

Twitter-a social media to interact with "tweets"

Twitter is basically a tool for communicating through short messages up to 140 characters long to the people known as followers who subscribe to you. They follow your Twitter account and you follow them back and can repost their tweets.

You can tweet blogs, PDF documents, website page, images and videos on Twitter for business purpose. A picture allows you to exceed the limit of 140 characters.

Below is the list of the method of how you can use Twitter for business:

  • Display your brand the same way as you have in other social tools so that people can identify your account right away
  • It is decisive to build a strong foundation for the account which contributes to your business story. Do not forget to add location, website, and bio of your brand.
  • You will have to keep following other Twitter users in order to get followed back by them
  • Talk to the followers when you feel comfortable to talk and have enough information
  • Create a Tweet around a link to get traffic to your blog and website
  • You should add information about your Twitter account on your website and blog and make it easier for your followers to share your website on Twitter.

Let us mark the 9 types of Twitter ads that can be used to achieve the goals of your small business:

1-App Card:

It is advantageous for those brands that have a mobile application to drive app installs. As soon as the user clicks on this type of ad, it will take them to the app store to download your app. A space for title, description, rating, icon and price of the app is enforced to this kind of ads.

2-Photo Card:

A photo card ad in Twitter grants you to post a title, description, full-width image, and a link of your website. Today this photo card app is called "Summary Card with Large Image". Those campaigns that lean on visual content should use Photo Card ad to advertise their brand.

3-Gallery Card:

Gallery Card is analogous to Photo Card but with a little addition. You can tweet discrete images in bulk from your website which offers a preview of your website through a Gallery Card.

4-Lead Generation Card

In order to get highly accomplished leads on Twitter, you can use the Lead Generation Card. It helps you in apprehending email addresses and flourishing database.

5-Website Card

If you wish to prosper your business and want your followers to see your desired landing page, then you should use Website Card. It grants you to put a horizontal image, link, text, and most predominantly a call-to-action button.

6-Player Card

Player Card is one of the most compelling cards that can be used to post music, GIF or even a video helping the marketing campaign. This card inspires the user to click through & listen or see your content.

7-Summary Card

This ad is actually an organic tweet and comes up only when a user puts a link along with their texts. It is often referred to as the "Sneak Peek Cards". A direct link to your content or website, a title, description and a thumbnail image is included in this type of ads.

8-Product Card

In case you are a retailer, Product Card is the key ad for your business to grow. It allows you to visualize your products along with images with a description of 200 characters and product details and stock availability and price of each product.

9-Conversational Card

Conversational Card is the newest ad format that is most conducive in growing your small business. The most exciting part of this type of ad is that it allows a call-to-action with customization of hashtags which take Twitter promoting to a whole new level. A pre-populated message pop ups for the user when s/he clicks on it and continue the conversation that you started.

No secrets are associated with success as it is the result of hard work, strategy, and execution!!

When you are aware of the destination that you want to reach that means when your goal is clear to you, a well-executed Twitter ad helps you achieve it much quicker. Each of the ads is unique and effective in their own way.

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