How Online Banner Advertising Can Be Effective For Advertisers

How Online Banner Advertising Can Be Effective For Advertisers


What exactly are Online Banner Ads?

Banners ads are Digital ads which bought a new era of advertisement and transformed the whole meaning of Branding. It was the product of the Internet Era and was the initial component of the Online Ads campaigns that replaced Traditional Marketing. It offered more flexibility towards branding that the customers never thought existed.

Facts about Online Banner Advertising:



Advantages of Online Banner Advertising:

After you have clearly understood the real meaning and work of Banner Advertising, let us see its practical implications towards solidifying your client base and success.

Benefits of Banner advertisement:

It completes your Branding circle:



It is the missing piece of the Jigsaw Puzzle which completes your branding. The meaning of banner has changed completely and it is surely one of the effective ways of telling your customers how it feels like. Online display of ads doesn't necessarily substitute the bigger concept of marketing but completes the branding circle. This projection is sure to be seen and broadcasted to many across the world which ultimately increases the traffic being bought back to your business. Be smart enough to open this door of unlimited possibilities.

Avoid expensive long term contracts:

The traditional marketing required you to sign up for a long term and you had to carry on your campaign even when the results weren't as fruitful as expected. The length of your ad duration is flexible and can be decided upon your interest and not someone else's. This is also the turning point that bought down the traditional means of Marketing. Banner advertisement is a better means of ad projection and allows short term highlight for your business.

Capturing the market through Remarketing/Retargeting.:

It is an important aspect of banner advertisement that you could use the same for remarketing and do a retargeting for reaching out to a new traffic altogether. You can now use it twice or even thrice towards displaying your ad to those who haven't seen it yet. It solidifies the chances of conversion. Your banner can now be directed towards another set of Netizens who come under your list of probable customers. It is also very cost effective as traditional marketing would require a hefty fee to conduct the same.    

Look like a big fish and gain trust :

Trust is one of the biggest factors that influence conversions. Manipulation through banner ads is possible and proper use of it can help you stand tall among the old players of the same business. Making your brand reputable and trustworthy can be done perfectly through banner mediums. For this, banner ads may be a strengthening act towards gaining your desired branding in the market. The more you are seen, the more credibility you earn so you can now have a startup but look like a Big Fish in the business.   

Benefit from "Geo-targeting":

The display ads have become flexible and unlike traditional marketing, you can now use Geo-Tagging. It means that now, you can target your ads to be displayed in areas where you think are most of your business prospects. The geographical boundaries are cut short and you can now reach out selectively. So, if you feel your customer strength can be divided by the regions they come from, you could decide who sees it and who doesn't. What's happening is the right targets are being reached and which ultimately increases the chances of conversion.

Entice your target by knowing their interests:




Banners allow you to reach out to the general public and also give you the power to influence a certain group of customers. Thoughtful targeting with respect to their interest that they have fed into their social accounts is what helps find the correct people with the exact interest. Targeting is made very specific and the chances of conversions are increased by many times. The traditional marketing used to be still posters which did nothing but existed, it isn't the case now.   

Get the ads featured on relevant sites :



It's very easy to get your ads to be featured on sites where you think your probable customers are. Its ability to be featured accordingly is a great add on. It can be explained well through this example. Websites are now a large community and basically inclined towards a common interest. It is a profitable offer to post your banner on those websites and reach out millions of its followers who have the same interest as the banner is deemed to project. Conversion chances are doubled this way. 

Use complete transparency to your advantage:

There is a transparency and advantage of being able to track your ads and the kind of feedbacks that your ads are getting. This was never possible for traditional marketing. So this type of advertising/marketing is what helps you re direct your strategy when it isn't working well. Feedback reports can lead you to better tactics and more successful marketing. Social media platforms have been allowing insights on the ad performance and that if properly used could help reach out customers precisely, every single time.

Take advantage of A/B split testing:

Good tactics are always the reason behind successful promotion and it is pretty hard to analyze which might work best. So, you can now have two plans being tested while you advertise your banner and change to plan B when you feel the first hadn't had the kind of response that you had anticipated. The platform and not just the banner could also be uploaded for testing as Digital Customers behavior are guided by various factors which may be very hard to predict beforehand.  

Enjoy Lesser Marketing cost:



Online display ads or banners are pretty affordable and doesn't empty your pocket at once. You can now display your banners on the social media and reach out to millions without even paying a fortune. The ability to decided the duration of the ads also cuts down the traditional costs which seemed to be unavoidable but the Digital evolution and Digital ads bought a revolution which has made targeting a lot more easier.

Effectiveness of Banner Advertising over Traditional marketing techniques



The reason to choose banner advertising over the traditional way of advertising is that the effectiveness of the ad, its directed reach and the cut down of cost which can be significantly measured. When it comes to the banner ads, it is firstly in a transferable form and not dependent of only physical display.

Secondly, the affordability is what has been the turning point and the downfall of the era of Traditional marketing. People have certainly understood the effectiveness of Banner ads over misguided olden ads that too at prices even lesser than the half.

Thirdly, Insight of any campaign and ads are what the seller would require to make changes to his existing platform but traditional marketing never provided any insight as it wasn't possible at all. So people shifted towards banner ads, whose progress could be well monitored and altered to overcome the existing shortcomings of their present campaign.

You must choose your Online Banner Ads after proper evaluation of its effect and compatibility.

Bill Gates rightly states that

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow"

Now, you know where to find them and how to reach them effectively, every single time.


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