How Optimize Your Website Voice Search

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search


The revolution of voice search comes up with a new of searching and make things quite easy for people to learn more quickly about the things they are looking for. The emergence of smartphone brings this concept at the beginning where people can find the results by their voice and with the time, smart speakers are introduced with a voice assistant. This medium and development in the digital world are gladly accepted by people worldwide.

The process of voice search will become more effective by creating contents that are useful for optimization. Thinking about the optimization is necessary and indeed beneficial for improving the ranking and facing a tough time in future. It is important to understand the concept behind voice search optimization to make your website popular and visible among people after the tremendous development in the field of voice search.

Voice search optimization with techniques

The Dialogue System

Dialogue system can be understandable by the name which is basically a computer setup that interprets the dialogues of human being and support the voice search system. Advancement in the technology beings many updates to the system and automatic speech recognition (ASR) are considered as one of the greatest innovation in this system where the technique is used for feeding the input signals from the voice search devices. Some of the devices also include text-to-speech (TTS) for better sharing results. The virtual assistant activated in the system will detect the language used during the query. Keywords found in the query help the device to search the answer for the query. 

Strategies used for optimizing the contents for Voice Search

Optimize for Rich Answers

The queries of the voice search are answered by occupying the search engine results page where 70% of the answers are linked with the featured snippet result that means you are getting the links which are practically the rich answer for the question. The process includes knowledge graph that store and absorbs facts about places, people and different things. The other things that keep in mind while doing Voice Search optimization are knowledge panel, knowledge box, featured snippet, and rich answer.

Re-image and Restructure Your Content

It is important to give insight values where the content should be structured and arranged according to the voice search results to rank better. As voice search is more conversational than traditional searches, it forces the optimizer to analyze and re-structure the contents for one more time. The focus should be given towards content layout by making the contents more voice search-friendly.

Use Conversational Language for Content

The concept of voice search is used for helping human beings and that makes it necessary to keep the primary characteristics of the voice search conversational by using natural languages. If you use more robotic language in the content then the chances of understanding the contents reduces. There are so many other benefits of using natural language while writing and publishing the contents on the website because they improve the scope of meeting the results of verbal questions.

These strategies along with targeting long-tail keyword phrases and improvement of the loading page will help Voice Search optimization more aggressively.

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