How to Create The High Performing Google Ads Campaign Structure

How to Create The High Performing Google Ads Campaign Structure


Firstly, you probably didn't know that you can add up to 10,000 Google Ads per campaign. That is a really big number and is probably impossible to manage if you cannot plan your campaign creatively. The Google Ads have become of the most advanced advertising platforms that allow companies beyond their size to create a similar platform to highlight their products and services. The internet is one of the most used platforms and getting seen on this platform can bring it millions of potential clients to your business, sometimes in just a couple of hours.

Explore the opportunities of Google Ads

The initial thing that you'll need to do is to visit the Adwords site and sign up for an Adwords account. After that, you need to get started with the creation of the Campaign that must be targeted and created to best suit your ads need. There are many targeting options and settings that can be changed according to the kind of business you want to promote.

How does a Campaign Structure add value?

Spending your money isn't the only step that ensures your promotion and hundreds of potential clients in no time; you also need to do it correctly and strategically. The question of when and where you want your ads to be seen is a question you must have an answer to. Well, structured ads can provide the boost your business actually needs and some of the advantages listed below:

Easy navigation of the account and campaigns

  • Covering all categories, brands, and keywords.
  • Encourages optimum bidding strategies
  • Enables appropriate ads and landing pages, for all keywords
  • Make analyzing performance an easy task
  • Helps maintain a good quality score for better results in a controlled budget.
  • Google ranks that website higher; whose structures earn better quality scores.
  • It is essential to keep your account organized and optimized for better results.
  • A campaign that is a mess cannot be expected to produce any good results.
  • A structured campaign allows you to quickly find out, your shortcomings and correct them.

Factors that ensure a well structured Ad Campaign!

Grouping Keywords in Campaigns:

Primary: Group keywords together as per their performance so that you will be able to discover the performance chart and promote better bidding

Secondary: Group according to the website structure so that it becomes easy to navigate and identifying loopholes in your AdWords campaign.

A Campaign based on the product performance

If you have campaigned for all products within a brand, it's a great step yet if some products within are outperforming the average, you could just create an individual campaign for it. A campaign solely on its keywords should be a good step towards better results that a structure could do to your campaign.

Keywords according to Intent or Relevancy

It is a great dilemma if your keywords should be grouped according to relevancy or intent. Let us see what distinguishes them:

Keyword intent is based on the intention of a customer. It means understanding the intent to buy and grouping products under similar keywords. For example, marathon shoes and long distance running shoes could be shown the same ad.

Setting up an optimized Budget

It is one of the most important factors that you must make note of. A good structure produces a better result even in the allowed budget. Make sure your bids for clicks are set so that you do not spend useless money over irrelevant ads. The structure is very important and your budget must be channelized well as you won't like your bank account to empty, without any fruitful result.

"Don't just stress yourself on how your structure can be made better, instead here are few implications which if taken creates a positive Campaign Structure which in turn helps your overall progress and highlight. Let us discuss few of the categories on which the website must be optimized for better website score and to attain a good campaign structure, all together. "

Based on the Structure of Your Website:

Your website must be optimized well for better results. It must be well planned and must have different tabs or pages for different products or services. People will value pages that are easy to understand and becomes of great value to them. So, a well structured website adds great value to the structure of your overall Ad Campaign.

You Should Always Create an Account per Country

This has been very useful in modern strategies to have an account per country you're targeting. It is important to analyze the performance of your campaign per country. A well structured campaign should not be confusing and differentiating according to the country could work heavenly.

Based on Products/Services provided:

It is somewhat similar to the structure of your website but it means paying attention to different products based on the kind of traffic they engage. It means you might have products categorized according to their search pattern but you must also provide stress to several products and manage budget according to their rate of engagement.

Based on Locality:

For a campaign to work effectively it requires the location to be precisely accurate. It means you would not create an umbrella campaign in Rajasthan or any other places which are devoid of rain. A right campaign in the right radius also adds great value to the basic structure of the Campaign.

What's next?

It is a fact that there is nothing like a perfect campaign structure and it must vary according to the needs of your individual websites. After you feel you have attained your desired campaign structure, do not sit back and relax. You have to repeat it as much as possible as you are going to need a few ad groups per campaign to highlight the desired keywords with respect to the campaign motive.

You can also work with specific campaign structures that help you work faster, or find issues faster than usual and more quickly. Stressing on the structure is vital as it can even impact the way you bid for various keywords.

"The campaign structure is not subjective but needs a precise strategy"

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