How to Do a Helpful SEO Audit in a few Hours

SEO Audit


Looking for succeeding SEO efforts is essential to make your website visible in the searches otherwise the business will be left behind. Inbound marketing gives top priority to SEO for marketers and keeps you focused on the ranking. Ignoring such factors is like ignoring the sales and SEO audit is the easiest way to work over the current ranking of the site by finding ways to improve it. Beginners might find it a little scary but here we come out with the ways of SEO audit in one hour. Few tools will help you in making the task easy and bring a huge impact. Before zooming into the ways, we like to make you understand the need for an SEO audit.  

What is SEO Audit and why you need this?

SEO audit is done to evaluate a website for grading so that it will appear in search engine result pages. Audits are done to check each step carefully to find any issues and the ways to repair or improve it, which in turn boosts the page for better search engine performance. Old tactics of keyword stuffing will not work and you must focus on the relevant contents to show up in your site. Here, each of the accessible pages of your site needs to be crawled to make sure whether the site offers useful and legitimate content or not. SEO audit searches related keywords for people so that each page should receive a rank and determines how high it will appear on the search engine results page.

SEO Audit

Hosting and indexing with the back-end factors, quality of the content, keywords, and metadata along with the quality of the link and other references are the key factors to evaluate during a successful SEO audit.

How to Perform an SEO Audit in just one hour?

Begin with a crawl (Takes 5 Minutes)

The first phase starts with a crawl by using tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool and SEMrush. You can use these tools for a great start where you can find various errors and broken links on the site. Crawling also helps you in identifying bad keywords, poor images, page title issues, unlinked pages, excess redirects and most importantly duplicate contents. Google Search Console will help in getting an idea about setting the 'crawl budget'. You can use different tools for crawling or else do it manually by doing Google searches which tells you more about the website ranking and how the pages appear in relevant search results.

Make sure only one version of your site is browseable (Takes 5 Minutes)

Make sure that your site must work with all the permutations of the same URL and having multiple versions of the site will create a problem as it will send a mixed message to the search engine about crawling your site. The crawler will become confused in identifying the right one. At the same time if the search engine fails to show your site's prospective traffic, then SEO ranking will be negatively impacted.

Conduct on-page SEO checks (Takes 10 minutes)

To make the site visible in the search engine, you need SEO tools and while conducting on-page SEO checks you must ensure that the site is correctly optimized or not. You can start it by looking for duplicate pages, headers, and the title page. Using similar themes and using seemingly unrelated content will appear on the crawl to help you in making the site original and catchy. Duplicate contents can be identified by using plagiarism tools that will help you in searching the contents, words, or sentences copied from other content available on the internet. SEO problems can be managed by using such tools which are considered to be one of the most important initiated by SEO audit.

Manage your internal and external links (Takes 10 minutes)

Sites with logical hierarchies will improve SEO rankings and that makes it important to check the internal and external links which somehow get deleted or moved and results in broken links on your website. You can manage the links by downloadable tools. Those tools are helpful for SEO audit and identify the broken links on your website. It is easy and simple to use those tools. Results can be seen on the link, page, and status depending upon the size of your site. Scores of the internal and external links will finally meet the purpose of improving SEO.

Check your site speed (Takes 10 minutes)

No one will wait for your page when it takes lots of time to open. Most of the customers will bounce when the site takes more time to open and that pushes the SEO audit tool to fix the speed of the site. To improve the rank of your site, you need to check your site speed by using Google's PageSpeed Insights. Here, you will find a quick glimpse of your site's speed and how it performs against other sites.

site speed

Improvement in the speed will also improve the SEO ranking. The speed and optimization rating for both mobile and desktop can be analyzed after typing your URL.

There are different tools available for conducting an SEO audit that improves SEO performance by analyzing algorithms by implementing quick and relevant strategies.

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