How to Get Sales and Marketing in the Same Kitchen ?

How to Get Sales and Marketing in the Same Kitchen ?


Every startup and or successful business shall always focus on the credibility of running sales as well as a marketing strategy.  Every single strategy must be unique though their ingredients may be similar. They must first have a clear motive and a vision towards achieving both the sales and marketing under the same kitchen.

Sales and Marketing. (Co-existence)

Many companies tend to mix up the two pillars of any successful business but only if you know the difference and the methods to achieve both. If we take an example of an egg, you can cook omelets or make a scrambled egg but both of them generate different responses and different product values. An omelet always generates a better reaction than a higher quantity of scrambled eggs. It's time to understand why.

Where lays the difference?

So firstly you must understand that the technique or approach between both of your sales and marketing strategy makes the difference. They are two pillars that are present in different areas of the company campaign and operate separately. The field of Marketing and Sales has increased in terms of competitiveness making it hard to survive for those businesses who do not think outside the box.

What are you actually cooking?

Content is the reason that the search began in the first place and the difference between the two dishes of sales and marketing is where they are supposed to reach. Content is definitely the stronghold that you must excel in and be able to plan towards your success. It doesn't matter if you are a smart marketing executive; you must excel in the use of Data for perfect Marketing and Sales feast.

Firstly, bring SALES into the content kitchen

You must understand the relationship and the coexistence of sales & content marketing. Communication and proper channel in between the company is another important essence for the strategy to be successful. There cannot be sales without marketing and there cannot be sales and marketing without proper communication. A clear cut communication channel is the right path to the best working strategy.

Content Marketing Strategy

There must be a strategy behind everything and especially for your content.  Your content strategy is the backbone of your company's online highlight and also the strength behind your marketing. Someone truly said that Content is now the most effective of all marketing techniques. A proper content strategy shall then be properly highlighted amidst various social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Email, Google Adwords and Facebook.

Communicate your way to a Successful Strategy

Your sales approach must be clear and precise. Sometimes breaking communication between the sales and the content creators can be hampering. There must also be one on one or personal session with each member of the Sales, so as the open up and discuss any doubts. IF there is no interaction within the team, some of them will keep the silence to themselves and mediocrity towards the business.

Co-create recipes

After the setup of both the marketing and the sales approach in the best possible way, there must a collaboration of both strategies with the best communication and data-driven facts. The content marketing shall be distributed to the prospects by the sales and in return bring the news and feedback about what they have to tell about the business.  Guided by input from sales about what exactly mattered when they approached the clients shall, in turn, be the strategy that guides the next set of content strategy.

Constant Tracking of Statistics

It is also equally important to track and measure various metrics and analytics with respect to the rates and clicks. There must also be an emphasis on the ingredient of both as each of their performance affects the other.

So, the higher the level of understanding, between the team, the betters the performance. So, your kitchen now has both the ingredients and the recipe for a successful dish of success. Cook what the situation demands of you.

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