How to Save Money on SSL Certificates

How to Save Money on SSL Certificates


The world is already moved towards the digital platform and that increases the internet usages. The connection between the web server and the web browser needs to be secured and increases the importance of SLL certificates. This certificate is needed to keep the process secure and free from any malware or virus attack.



Any organization whether the big or small need to install this certificate to make the session secure. When a certificate is successfully installed on the server, the application protocol (HTTP) will change to https, where the 'S' stands for 'secure'. You may notice the changes while visiting the website that has an SSL certificate where a browser will show a padlock or green bar in the browser depending on the type of certificate you purchase and the browser you are surfing the internet on.

Are you looking to save money on an SSL certificate? Then here we come with the options and ways to save your money. These ideas will definitely help you to save your money by getting a safe and secure platform for your browser.



Ways to save money on SSL Certificates

Purchase certificates for more than one year

Instead of buying certificates every year, you can purchase SSL certificate for more than one year because most of the companies offer discounts for buying certificates for multiple years. You will stay away from burden and extra efforts by spending the money at a time instead of paying it annually. Ordering and installing new certificates every year is really a challenge for you.

Purchase certificate in bulk

One of the best ways to save your money is by buying so many certificates at a time. Most of the service providers offer a discount when someone purchases the certificate in bulk. You can use them differently depending upon your nature of work.

Choose a  Different Certificate Authority

It is important to compare and analyze the market to find an affordable rate. Yes, you must choose any other service provider to get cheaper rates. Sometimes the provider who is known to you and has a personal relationship with you might charge something extra. So, you must go through the ratings and other information on the certificate authority before choosing them for a final deal.

Purchase a Wildcard Certificate



Wildcard Certificate seems to be expensive enough but actually, they come with more facilities for you. You will be capable to secure unlimited sub-domains over one domain name which means if you are having 10 sub-domains then you have to pay for only one domain name as a whole. This option is suitable for many users who are habituated to work with many sub-domains.

Go for domain-validated certificates



Here, the service provider will verify the domain name whether you owned it or having the access or not but they will never ask you about the name of your organization. In such a case, the certificate is issued almost automatically and you will find it quite cheap in comparison to SSL certificate. Most of the time domain-validated certificate is used on an internal server or else when the visitor will trust the website for any specific reason.

Purchase the certificate depending on your needs

There are so many varieties of SSL Certificate and the price also changes with their types. You must understand your need and choose the right certificate for you instead of wasting money on any other certificate that exceeds your budget and seems not useful for your profile.

Make your own certificate

The best way of saving money is by reducing your expenses. If you are a programmer and have enough knowledge about coding and command then you can make your own certificate instead of wasting on buying any. The only thing you need to know is that it doesn't work for most companies but it still enables encryption for the visitors who know how to tell the browser to accept the self-signed certificate.

Use a Free Certificate Authority

There are some authorities who provide free certificates but the root of those certificates are not included in all the web browser so you will face the same problem like self-signed certificate where visitors will remain unaware about the security. But you can try this certificate because it keeps you secure and saves a lot of money.

Go for a Trial Certificate for the time being

If you are facing a problem regarding the security issue and not yet prepared for investing money on SSL certificate then try a trial certificate that normally valid for a month and so. Once you are ready with the setup and need the real one then buy the certificate from any trusted authority.

Finally, you need to take the right decision according to your choice because everyone comes from a different perspective depending on the nature of their organization. SSL certificate is issued from a trusted Certificate Authority's Root Certificate, and preferably by a 2048 bit Certificate that's widely distributed. The Root Certificate must be present on the end user's machine in order for the Certificate to be trusted.

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