How to Set Google Ad Campaign To Get Revenue For Your Business

How to Set Google Ad Campaign To Get Revenue For Your Business


Digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing techniques and everyone today tries their best to advertise on digital platforms. A few years back, a high capital company would benefit whereas the startup would fail or need considerable time to match up. Digital marketing and its cheaper marketing techniques have filled the gap between big and small business owners and allowed everyone to have their share of highlight and exposure.

Better understanding 'Google Adwords'

After many years of incorporation, Adwords has proved to be an assured online advertising platform which is handled by Google. Google is used by almost every internet user across the globe for atleast once a day. The Google Adwords is the largest and most widely used online advertising network in the world and has instilled hopes of success and prosperity among many businessmen and startups.

There are basically two ways to advertise through Google Ads. One is the search network or PPC advertising which means your ad will be shown to customers if they type the keywords that relate to your ads. The second type of ads is the display network type which is used in the form of visual banners on other websites which reaches 90 percent of global internet users.

Some tuning before starting your Ad campaign

Google Ads is one of the best and effective advertising options available online. Google has an estimated user base of over 1.17 Billion users, and that makes AdWords, a great way to get your website in front of the worldwide consumers, all at once.

It must be made sure that before you start with your campaign, you must have a website that is relevant, user friendly, easily navigable and optimized well. The main aim of a Google Ads account is to redirect the visitors towards your site's landing page. From here it all depends upon the presence of necessary relevant info and other things which promotes the site's conversion ability.

Step 1: Sign up for Google Ads (previously Adwords)

It is required to first visit the official website for Ad words and click on 'Get Started Now'. After which you need to sign up after providing your required details. After signing up you can log in and then click on a button that reads 'Create your first campaign'.

Step 2: Choose a Campaign Type and Name

To get started with your campaign further, it is required to select the type of campaign that describes your motive well. For startups, 'Search Network Only' might be appropriate.

After that Naming, your campaign has to be done but choose a name that is related to the product or service you're advertising.

Step 3: Select Ad Display Location

It becomes very effective when you target your customers according to their response rates. So Google ads allow targeting a specific city, town or a local area if a local trader, for better targeting of an audience. So it is one great advantage if you know the location of your ideal customers.

Step 4: Setting a Daily Budget

When you are starting with a campaign it is not required to spend heavy amounts and expects quick results. It doesn't happen that way, you must start low and with a limited budget. Then you must make timely assessments of customer interest and feedback from the investment. So maintaining a daily minimum budget is advised when starting early.

You must also set up your payment options and choose from these payment options of:

  • Manual Payments: You pay before your ad shows.
  • Automatic Payments: Account linked to your credit card or bank account and the money is drafted automatically.
  • Monthly Invoicing: Google provides credit limit to some business owners who qualify.

Step 5: Add Keywords wisely

Keywords mean the commonly searched terms that are frequently searched too. It is advised to find out many related keywords that may help your page show up during the search. For first timers, it really can be very tricky and confusing. Keywords are important but you must only spend on keywords whose search results are still unclear.

Step 6: Create an Ad

The use of words while showcasing your ads is really vital. You can try adding a keyword to your ads so that the chances of conversion or customer engagements increase. You can also try using the keyword in the headlines of the ad for better results too.

The ad description must be catchy and focus on the key benefits of your products or services. You can opt on describing your special offers but you must also provide a strong call to do action.

Step 7: Conversion and Effectiveness Tracking:

After you have successfully finished promoting through ads, you might well want to track the conversion through certain apps and tools like:

  • Calls from ads
  • Calls from website
  • Quote request
  • Imports from sales online
  • E-commerce orders

Note: You might want to start all the tracking tools before you start with your Google ads as tracking your progress and improvements in specific fields must be monitored to correct the mistakes and to come back stronger and effective.

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