How Video Marketing is Shaping Travel Industry

How Video Marketing is Shaping Travel Industry


Words and pictures can tell you an effective story but a video makes the storytelling more realistic and effective than it ever was. Strong imagination and reaching your targeted views across prove to be very difficult when done through basic advertising through words or pictures. In the travel industry, there is a lot of competition among agents providing the same kind of tours and packages. It is extremely efficient and important to market your tour or activity online. There is no better way to put the excitement across, thrills, the overall atmosphere of the destination and most importantly the viewer himself through any medium other than lucrative videos.

Want to Know What Makes a Good Travel Video for Digital Marketing?

    • Be clear about the theme you shall be shooting for. The concept must be clear and the targeted audience must be hit with the right theme. Do not make it so confusing it becomes a meme.
    • The video must follow a path and the storyteller in the video must know how to present the storyline in an ascending order and not in tits bits.
    • Now you know what the video is going to be about and you know what angle of close-ups or ranges you are going to maintain. Just make a storyboard with a rough plan before executing.
    • Do not settle for fewer options. Have a handful of options to be decided from. For example, you shot a splendid sunrise on day 1 and u decided to stick to it. What you will be missing out is an even better sunrise that could occur the next day. Have too much to choose to choose from not too little to settle down to.
    • Video editing software is the magicians that make the dull videos shinier and attractive and in order. Most people have shown their preferences for the work and the most used software are For windows Adobe premiere For MAC - Final cut pro
    • Good Music, People have accepted music being the most time-consuming part of the video editing. It is the background score that regulates the mood of the viewers, according to the mood the viewers are made to feel. Music makes it spicier.

After making a good video all you have to do is PROMOTE PROMOTE and PROMOTE!!

What makes Video so important in travel Industry?

We see different kinds of video promotion used by travel industry like broadcasting his personal experience of the place or service he was entitled to and sharing it through social media. They have huge followers who see what he does and where he does it. People dream about how exciting and thrilling would traveling or doing something be, that they see being enjoyed in the video. They spread chills, anxiety and connect directly towards the target audience increasing the chances of conversion through this breakthrough medium of Video advertisement.

Even airline companies, hotels, and tourism promoters have engaged themselves in more realistic form of promotion which is through videos. Several online videos have been published by Airlines who show people the kind of service you are entitled to get if you choose that airline, the kind of hotel and room service which is provided by the promoting Hotel and every place in this world is being advertised as a good tourist spot through attractive videos showing the attractions in a more beautiful and dramatic way. Here are some best examples.

Let's Discuss Few Ways that the Video Benefits In Digital Industry

1) Stronger Consumer Attention

It has been proved that videos definitely arise a lot of consumer attention than any other medium has done until now. Attention economy states that several videos seen by a customer throughout the day might get her attention but you must stand out and recapture the attention which is a particular key.

2) Higher Engagement

As visual content is a key to great engagement, the video also satisfies the already proved theory. So instead of posting a lot of posts on your social media and expecting a huge engagement, think about it and shift your attention to a video which provides engagement of 10 percent for an audience than your regular social activities. The engagement is followed by embed, share, and comment which adds to the more popularity through the same medium but in a different way.

3) Improved SEO

If you learn and master the art of properly optimizing your videos for search, it can surely boost the ranking and ultimately its SEO. Adding a video to your website makes it a good content. What it does is it also increases your chances of appearing in the first list of Google search by 53 times. Utilizing video content in your marketing efforts will no definitely improve your SEO.

4) Brand recognition

Though the actual cost of making a travel video may affect your budget heavily, you cannot deny the Brand Recognition and the value it generates after the video reaches the target audience. Video has been a must to Travel agencies as people definitely remember the video they see for a long time.

5) Making it viral

Some videos become a sensation online and in a matter of few days, the whole world will see your video promotion which will ultimately increase viewers as well as conversions. This technique is mastered by a few YouTubers and video bloggers who are hired by several travel Industry giants to promote their brands through them. Viral really comes at a huge cost but the value it provides can double the expenses, so it is worth the pain.

6) Staying Longer

Some google ads are forced upon the viewers and people have generated a habit of skipping ads and promotions as soon as they see it. It is a huge drawback for the companies as no audience results in zero conversions. It is also very difficult to impress a customer just through a website and its attractive content because everyone does it. So to tackle this loophole, videos have been introduced. Videos are added to a website and the video aims at keeping the viewer as long as possible, increasing the chances of conversion.

7) Arises a sense of emotional connection

Video making is an art which uses a tone of voice, facial expressions and music in its background to manipulate the viewer to feel what they are directed to feel. The impact is said to stay over a period of time and if not urgently, it definitely affects the consumer decision making in a positive way.

8) Please read or do you prefer to see?

People use their websites to promote brands or services but due to a huge number of websites being shot towards you during your internet surfing, customers open a website but never read at least 50 percent of the content they have written inside. Which means fewer chances of retention. Here come the video as a savior, through several video editing techniques, customer's tent to see more of a video than they would read on a website. People prefer videos over written posts. The videos hence produce a good retention rate which the plain website would never have during its long existence.

9) Conversions

It has been noticed as well as proved that videos have a high conversion rate when compared to other mediums. Recent research has been done on various reactions which are given to different kinds of promotional mediums. Hence 70% of marketers have said that video conversion rates outperform any other marketing content.


These are the reasons you can no longer question the importance of videos as a medium of advertising in any industry. Travelling is all about feeling and video is one medium which provides the best experience of the tour by manipulating your senses through the concerned video. Hence it has become so popular.

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