Importance Visual Communication Digital Media

Importance of Visual Communication in Digital Media



It's official that today the world spends a billion hours every day on YouTube. Cisco calculates that 80% of all customer internet traffic will be video by 2020! Records declare that 91% of buyers demand communicative and visual content over text-based and static (traditional) media. Media is consistently making enormous efforts to fulfill the demand for visual content. At least 15 multimedia pieces are now published by New York Times alone. But, there are still many marketers that are still unaware and staggering behind as far as adopting effective visual communication strategies are concerned.

Now, what is Visual Communication?

Visual Communication is a powerful medium for delivering the information. In Digital world, Visual communication is a perfect style of conveying your brand details by using the image, video, or minimal texts. Visual communication can be a drawing, an advertisement, a poster or any visual material you can find online on social media platforms. Today, the internet is occupied by visual content and everything is revealed with the help of visual media. So, in the world driven by the internet and digitization, Visual Communication is the key ingredient in visual content marketing. In order to thrive in the digital marketing world, every marketer should know the value of sending a right message to the consumers. Visual content is a powerful tool that has been deemed to improve the brand awareness and is effective in driving traffic conversions to a specified brand or a product. Since Visual Communication is precise and convenient, it is widely preferred by the world.

# Traits of Visual Communication in the digital marketing world-

Visual Communication is a perfect medium to get a positive reaction from the audience because it comes with certain advantages that you can't resist:

  • Better versatility than verbal communication
  • Higher attention-grabbing and engaging
  • Improve the trustworthiness of your message
  • Give information more quickly and directly

1. Visual Communication for Boosting Facebook engagement:


Facebook already has over 1 billion daily active users that actually scroll through posts, newsfeeds, engage with friends and share contents. With this much activity buzzing on one platform, it is crucial to find ways to leverage tactics that lead to conversions. Major ways to boost Facebook engagement with visual communication:

  • Maintain What's Working Now
  • Post Facebook Organic Videos
  • Share Tips Using Standalone Graphics
  • Create a Facebook Group to Boost Engagement
  • Capitalize on Facebook Live
  • Attach Posts for Greater Visibility

2. Visual Communication for Twitter engagement:


With more than 320 million active users on the site, Twitter is a major player as far as social media marketing is concerned. More than 90% of the Twitter users do not end up following a company after engaging in a Twitter-based marketing campaign. Most businesses and marketers could benefit from joining this convenient and trusted platform. Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement & CTR with Visual communication-

  • Use Twitter Ads
  • Add your company logo or website address to your images
  • Combine images with text to create visual content that is engaging and informative
  • Use infographics to demonstrate examples and how-to's
  • Add hashtags, keywords, and links to image descriptions
  • Use videos and gifs to get interactive because 82% of users watch video content on Twitter

3. Visual Communication for Instagram engagement:


Instagram has 600 million active users every month, and 1 billion photos are liked every day. Records reveal that Instagram user interactions with brands are 400 % higher than on Facebook and Twitter- Instagram delivers:

  • 58 times better engagement per follower than Facebook.
  • 120 times better engagement per follower than Twitter.

So, if you're looking for improving your engagement, use visual communication with these hacks-

  • Use popular hashtags, tag brand names, users, offer appropriate content.
  • Leverage user-generated content by managing a photo competition.
  • Run engaging competitions. Have an incentive for your community to share content and promote your brand with the use of rewards and giveaways.
  • Reward your followers. Create lasting bond with followers by using discount codes.

4. YouTube videos ads for better engagement:


More than 500 million hours of videos are viewed on YouTube each day. 52% of buyers admit that watching product videos makes them more convinced about making a purchase. 40% of buyers accept that they would visit a store online or in-person after watching a video. 46% of buyers told they would be more likely to seek extra information about a product after watching an online video about it. Percentage of YouTube video viewers-

  • Inspiration or entertainment- 53%
  • Learning- 70%
  • Knowing instructions- 70%
  • Deciding what to say: 67%

Shoppers are great viewers. The percentage of shoppers influenced by YouTube-

  • Beauty products- 66%
  • Automobiles- 72%
  • Smartphones- 62%

To be precise, engagement is crucial for better conversion rates. So, embrace the following tactics for increased views and attract a wider viewership for better sales conversions-

  • Focus on mobile viewers, 75% of the world's population watch videos on smartphones.
  • Post and share your videos at the appropriate time
  • Create videos based on viewer's interests, passions, emotions, and your brand's identity
  • Insert your videos into emails
  • Collaborate with your viewers to engage them more


Visual communications have an immensely positive impact on your business improvement. Start using advanced and preferred visual communication techniques on your business for obtaining excellent results.

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