Important Tips When Designing Envelopes

Important Tips When Designing Envelopes


Designing envelopes is complicated when it is compared with other marketing collateral because an envelope might look small but makes a serious impression over potential and existing clients. Even in this digital age, the need for designing an envelope is always there to connect with people through direct mail. Greetings, documents and a good deal of area are wrapped in an envelope to add more values into it. A business envelope is a common term used in the corporate field to highlight the importance of envelope in the business. In this article, we come with some of the smart and creative ideas to design business envelop so that you can maintain the brand image by improving the relationship with clients.

Tips for Designing Envelopes

Short Out the things

Designing part for any business-related things brings so many ideas and suggestion. All the ideas will get mixed up in your mind and you will end with a weird result. Implementing all the ideas will make you confused and distract your mind from concentrating on the subject. Try to short out the things and keep the design simple and catchy instead of making it clumsy.

Maintain Consistency

There are different types of the envelope which are used for different purposes like Boardbacked envelope, C4 envelope, A5 envelope, CD envelope, DL envelope, Gusset envelope, Wage envelope, Clasp envelope, etc. Each of these envelopes is important for business and need to be designed by maintaining consistency. Keeping the envelope clean and classy with the company logo will make a good impression for the business.

Add the Business Values

The envelope should contain the business value, philosophy, and nature into it so that it will speak a lot more about the business. If your company deals with tour and travels then you must come out with something that describes the nature of business. Business logo will be always there in the envelope but the designing part must create something creative and appealing to hold the interest of the receiver.

Choose the Right Colour Tone

Colour plays the leading role in holding the impression and status apart from designing. It doesn't matter how much you work over designing but in the end, it is all about the colour that matters a lot. Your client or the receiver will see the colour and that will reflect many things that create the difference. Choose blue sincerity and calmness whereas red is the colour for passion and love, yellow for happiness and cleanliness, on the other hand, green is used for health and renewal.

Use Eye-catching Imagery

Try to avoid making the design too complex or too simple because the envelope tells a lot more about your business. Along with the logo, you can add catchy imagery which tells more about your business. Images mostly attract people but try to use the proper and appropriate size to keep the envelope attractive and professional. Many companies use an icon or striking photographs to get the focus.

Expand Your Logo

One of the common and best ways of designing envelopes is expanding the logo. The business logo is the most prominent and important part of the design so you can choose your business logo as the main subject to get a highlight in the envelope. Expand the logo to cover the blank space and lower the opacity to make the design interesting. Envelope design brings many factors that need to be taken under consideration because the intention of designing a business envelope comes with the motive of making the recipient feel special. If you are still getting confused about choosing the best design then go through the envelopes used by your competitor but you must maintain the uniqueness and implement your best ideas to make the design catchy and appreciable.

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