Make Impact Through Designing During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Make An Impact Through Designing During The COVID-19 Outbreak


Wash your hands frequently, Do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes without sanitizing, these are some of the most common lines you must coming across from the past 2 weeks. The novel coronavirus epidemic has caused a situation of complete shutdown in almost all the world. The pandemic demanded an isolation of individual in their houses as this is the only way to recover from this contagious virus (COVID-19). Therefore, this scenario has led to the closing down of many offices, schools and other work places. Although, with the advancing technology and active internet, you can still work and study effectively from home. For the web designing and graphic design companies, you have a chance to make a difference and help people by many means in these times of crisis.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is not just an epidemic anymore. It is accompanied by fear and anxiety among the people. There are also many fake rumours being spread that is the root cause of rising confusion and panic among nation.

How can a graphic design help in such pandemic?

The government is taking all the necessary actions and safeguarding all its citizens by the nation-wide lockdown. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also released few preventive measures that can erase or reduce the COVID-19 outbreak to a great level.

  • Cover your mouth with a mask in case you are going out
  • If you develop flu like symptoms, immediately isolate yourself and go for a check-up
  • Use a 60-95% alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Wash your hands frequently and avoid contact with an infected person

Apart from all these measures, it is the sole responsibility of every citizen to take care of themselves by strictly following the precautions. Not only this, we should also come together to spread awareness and be a help to the society.

A graphic design service can make a huge impact in the time of coronavirus outbreak. Designing holds tremendous expressive power especially in the present day, where everything is online and people look forward for creative representations of issues going around the world.

A design goes viral more than anything else

You must have observed, any trending issue or even a meme that is impactful goes viral way too quickly. That is the power of design. You have ample time o engrave your creativity and spread a message through your designs with the right information.

Lots of experimenting allowed

A graphic design can be expresses in many ways. With videos being the next thing, you can try short video messages or infographics. Social media is filled with updates, make your message effective and creative to serve your purpose.

Every little move for spreading awareness counts today. Make simple yet impactful efforts to save this world.

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