Seo Doesnt Have To Long Term Game There Are Quicker Ways To Get Results

SEO Doesnt Have to Be a Long-term Game: There Are Quicker Ways to Get Results


Time is always a big factor when you are planning to boost your business whether you already establish the brand name in the market or just a startup company. SEO is a long term game and some digital marketing experts are coming up with the ways to make it shorter. Here, we come out with this interesting blog where the impact of SEO is explained in both long term and short term objectives. Before explaining the matter we would like to aware you about the meaning of SEO.

So, here we go.

What is SEO? Why Not We Choose Quicker Ways?

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing method that works over-optimizing websites so that they will perform well in the search engine results. The process takes time and includes ranking that appears genuinely for search terms and variations used by targeted audiences in both natural or organic search listing. The methods implemented in SEO are not only subjected to the adjustment to the website itself but also work over the site's authority and position in the wider internet platform.

Digital marketing channels used by top business owners include the strategies of SEO among the other strategies they are using to promote their business. But nowadays many marketers are focusing on short term objectives of SEO to save their time and work over the technical side to achieve quick results or ranking. But practically this is the biggest mistake they do to sustain the online presence of their business. Yes, short term adjustments are also beneficial up to some extent but if you want your business to last for a long time then you must think about long term objectives in comparison to cutting down the time by choosing short term adjustments. You must remember that SEO is a continuous process so focusing on the long term campaign will make the difference in your ranking. Let's find out how long term strategies are beneficial for SEO.

Reasons for Focusing on Long Term Strategies

Search Engine Algorithms are Constantly Changing

The most important thing about SEO ranking is that the search engine algorithms applied by Google are ever-changing. The intention is to provide high quality and spam-free sites so there will be a tremendous impact of such changes in your site and you might lose online visibility as well. So, it is important to focus on the long term SEO campaign to get future updates in search algorithms. The changes made by Google takes time and may not be as frequent as you wish. SEO ranking and traffic can be generated in long term strategies and prepare your site for optimum search engine rankings.

Increased Search Ranking Depends on Continuous SEO

SEO needs time and is not a one-shot thing as the misconception arises by business owners and digital marketing experts. You might get results for some time by those quicker ways but eventually, it will disappear or even stop by the activities related to SEO. Experience of experts says that the business will suffer up to a 30% drop in their rankings by following short cuts. Many reports also stated that long term SEO campaign will increase the ranking by 18% and make your site visible in the long run.

SEO is Dependable on Fresh Content







Fresh content plays an important role in increasing SEO rankings where it is advisable to update the content at least once every week. Updating contents multiple times in a day is the best thing you can do for your business to grow. But, sadly only 4% are capable of doing so. As we already discussed that the search algorithms are frequently changing and that demand regular updated content to manage good SEO ranking. Regular content generation needs time and effort which demands long term SEO as the key to success.

Mobile Internet is Gaining Importance

Over time, mobile internet overtakes desktop computing and that demands businesses to switch their website into responsive sites to make it visible on different screens. To cope up with the competition every business owner is going with the trend and makes new digital marketing plans. So, all the parameters included in such a scenario welcome long-term plans, to begin with, the optimization of websites for responsive type.

Effect of Social Signals Over Website Rankings







The iteration of the internet is happening at every moment by the semantic web and this will develop authorship and authority. Later the process depends on the social signals generated by social media engagement. The influence of social signal was confirmed by case studies and genuinely appeared on researches done by the marketers. On the other hand, social media engagement is about building trust and good relationships with targeted audiences which generate social authority and increase website rankings. The higher social signal will come out with higher social engagement.

The Online Marketplace is Constantly Changing

The marketplace changing very fast as there was a time when people are depending upon desktops and laptops. But now the scenario is changed and the users are mostly shifted to mobile phones by changing the online marketplace. So, the SEO tactics used earlier were no more effective and need to be updated with the demand of the marketplace. This is the time you need to maintain long-term SEO programs to meet the trend and changes occurred. Constantly re-evaluating programs need an SEO campaign to establish this system of continuous evaluation by holding online marketing.

Some companies break the above-mentioned rules and strategies to reach the top in a short span by applying short-term SEO tactics but sometimes caught with a Google penalty. Such penalties will kick you out from the search results. It is always better to work hard within the rules through regular quality work which will give you better SEO results.

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