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The Right Kind Of Social Media Marketing During COVID-19


In this era of digitalization, online interaction is the next big thing. With the emergence of trends and communication through social media, it is very important for businesses to keep a check on what they are posting there. You are very well aware of the present scenario of widely spreading coronavirus (COVID-19). With increasing cases of the highly contagious virus every second, it has naturally become the most trending topic amongst all. The digital marketing services are witnessing a change of pattern. It is the need of the hour to display our concern in this time of crisis. This is not to scare anyone, but to contribute our bit in the awareness would only be the best step towards the cure to this pandemic.

You might want to change a few marketing prototypes as this time is different. People of all niches are currently interested in one. Consider your digital marketing services and the social media presence in this time of social distancing.


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You might want to re-check your schedule posts and calendar

The posts that you have scheduled for future dates must be paused. With new reports and statistics coming up every second, you cannot predict what is next. Your schedule post might match up to that and disappoint your viewers. Revise your calendars and post only those relatable to the current situation.

However, you can experiment with the algorithm

While scheduling the posts according to the calendar might not be a good idea now, but you can try posting at the moment. Try the posts at a different time and analyze the most-suited out of it.

Add value to your posts

Be a help to everyone. You have a strong tool of communication in this quarantine period. Utilize the true purpose of social media. It is the time of hardship for many businesses. They are going through shutdowns. Share as much valuable content as you can and aim at conversations and interactions instead of clicks. This is the time to show social responsibility. In addition, educate the people out of misinformation.

You can still help your clients

While your clients may be going through a time of losses, there is still a lot you could do and motivate them. Create an influence in this leisure time. Research all the parameters of clients and creative ways to increase their online presence.  After all, hard times also end.  

People spend most of their time doing social media. It is one of the strongest platforms to raise awareness. Use your quarantine periods productively to engage and educate everybody with the same. The digital marketing services have a large contribution to show in this time of global crisis.


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