Digitalization is on high and spreading all the over the world very fast.

People like to communicate digitally and even do a transaction in the digital platform which saves time and make the things quite easier than before. The emergence of digitalization welcomes cyber crimes as well and that needs to be taken seriously.

First of all, we need to know the meaning of the SSL certificate. Most of the time we heard about this term but unfortunately, very few of us actually understand about it.

SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer Protocol Certificate which adds security factor to the transactions between browsers and web servers. The protocol employs a third party to keep the transaction safe for both the parties with a Certified Authority. Getting an SSL certificate is not a trend but actually, it becomes a necessity for people nowadays. One can buy SSL certificate in India to keep the virtual transaction secure which really helps the company or any website to maintain the security genuinely. 

For better understanding about SSL certificate, one should know some of the technical terms like Private Key / Public Key, The Symmetric Key, Encryption Algorithm, The hash, Signing, Passphrase, Public Key Infrastructure and so on. Basically, this certificate is used to secure credit card transaction, data transfer and log in all such transactions are risky without proper authentication. Before moving forward let us discuss the types of SSL certificate. 

Types of SSL Certificate

  • Dedicated SSL Certificate: The most expensive one which especially assigned for a website with a unique domain name. Here, the certificate requires a unique domain name that cannot be shared with multiple domain names or subdomains. Buy SSL certificate in India to take an initiative towards keeping the data safe and protected. The process encrypts information as it is transferred across the Internet.

  • Shared SSL Certificate: One can share the SSL certificate which is owned by someone else. Using someone’s certificate for your own website comes with some drawbacks which include the name on the certificate. You can use the certificate but the certificate shows the name of the owner. This type of SSL encryption is not used when the transaction is done between web servers and hosts. Normally, e-commerce web hosts use this type of SSL certificate.

  • Free SSL Certificate: No, this certificate is not available at free of cost but you can buy SSL certificate in India at a cheaper rate in comparison to other types. They generate a private key in your browser using the Web Cryptography API and the private key is never transmitted.        

  • Wildcard SSL Certificate: Here, the encryption is done from an SSL certificate to ensure protection for the subdomains. Website having sub-domains used this type to certificate. The logic is simple that higher the encryption number, the higher security you will find in managing the website.

With the passing of time we analyze that businesses are now becoming virtual and that welcome online transaction frequently, with the increased number of virtual transaction and financial activities, the chances of cyber crimes start increasing day by day. To keep the activities safe and valid it is really essential to buy SSL Certificate in India. Experts, highly recommend SSL encryption for the complete protection of sensitive data and various aspects of a website.

SSL Certificate is needed for keeping the transaction secure and this is understandable by everyone but actually, there are so many other benefits that come with this authentication technique like it gives protection against hackers. HTTP is the text protocol that sends information between your device and the website you are visiting. HTTPS is much secure and encrypts information between the two, anything that looks disturbing and not valid is virtually unreadable.

The certificate authority maintains the relation between users and the website and gets properly displayed in popular browsers. The authenticity also improves search engine ranking which creates a difference in your virtual presence. Buy SSL certificate in India and enjoy better speed on your website which doesn’t cost so much and indeed helps you to find a better future globally.