Contents create magic by coming with the information; people are looking for a long time. Content marketers put their best knowledge and efforts to write good content or content that will perform well. Some of the important measures like using the inspecting every pixel on the screen for inserting the right keyword to target the right audience or checking the density, alt text, and positioning the messages in an appropriate funnel. But in the end, Google also wants content that gives a better experience to audiences while viewing the content. So, it is really important to create easy-to-use content. 

The writer’s idea about writing content is the greatest tool of all time and that is the main purpose of the content. The rest of the process initiated in the content is for boosting the conversion rates. Moreover, contents are more a defined function than an art.

Contents are magical because they always answer a question and at the same time entertain the reader to find the reasons for liking the content. Content can help people in decision making because they provide information regarding the queries of people. There are so many useless contents available on the internet but we must concentrate on the content quality to gain the trust of audiences providing genuine and valid information.

Tips to Write Easy-to-use Contents

Align Expectation

Everything comes with a set of rules and the same thing applied with contents which demand an estimated read time on the page. This helps the reader to measure the content in a good way. Try to figure out three to five minutes for every 500 words for keeping the interest of readers. When people get sure about what they are getting, they will become more committed to the content.

Highlight the Important Stuff

Everyone is busy these days and they share less time on pages that looks boring and useless. Generally, people don’t even spend 15 seconds on a page. So, it is important to format the content in a better and interesting way by highlighting the important stuff. Attract people by showing the information they looking for and put them on the top. Visual hierarchy is important for getting more responses that include proper formatting and arrangement of sections systematically. 

Avoid Using Difficult Words

No one will spare time for looking into the dictionary while reading contents. You must use easy language by avoiding difficult words so that readers will understand your content easily. Maintaining the balance between short and long sentences is required while creating content. Using shorter words is also brings confusion for readers. Keeping the body creative and easy to understand is the best thing you can do with your content. 

Use Bullet Points

Pointing out the sections or information using bullet not only improves the visual of the content but also helps the reader to find the information in an easy manner. Try to break the sentences into bullet points to make the reader feel more comfortable and keep your content visually attractive.

Keep the Paragraphs Short

Though it depends on the topic and on the way of explanation still short paragraphs of two to three sentences are more appealing and indeed attractive in the eyes of readers. Making the paragraph too long is not considered as attractive as readers will lose interest and come out with a negative impression. So, you can reach a wider range of audiences by keeping the paragraph short instead of giving them a chance to avoid it.

Insert Pictures, Graphs, and Diagrams

Every time you work on your content, you must try your best to make it catchy and visually attractive. Pictures and graphs will make the content more attractive and texts. On the other hand, there is always a need for using pictures or diagrams to add sense and meaning to the content. Don’t forget to optimize the images before uploading them to keep the right size and format. Using larger size images might take more time in loading the page.

Open Links in a New Tab

Yes, it is important to use hyperlinks and citations in the content to make it more relevant but try to open the links on the new tab because leaving the original page after clicking on the links will be a loss for your page. Readers will also lose their interest in reading the content and get distracted into other pages. Opening the links on other pages is beneficial for a content management system.

Use Alt Text

Alt-text is also called as ‘alt tags’ and ‘alt description’ which is a written copy that will appear in the place of an image you uploaded on the content if it fails to open on the screen. Sometimes it happens due to slow internet connection that people unable to see the images and alt text will help in screen-reading. Alt text also helps search engines to improve the ranking of your website.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in creating and managing your content by engaging more audiences into the page. Quality and information provided in the content are important along with these measures that make the content easy-to-use.