Top 11 Trends to Transform Digital Advertising Aspects in 2018

Top 11 Trends to Transform Digital Advertising Aspects in 2018


While most of us know about the considerable drift of the traditional marketing trend to digital marketing, there are still many who are not aware of the radical changes. With the rising dawn of technologies, brands are anxious and excited implementing the plethora of opportunities created by them to associate with existing and potential customers. So, here is the list of trends that are expected to completely transform the digital marketing aspect in 2018-

#1. Customer-Centric Experience:

The saying, "there is no end of human desire" comply with the endless demand of the consumers for obtaining superior experience and appreciation. Besides, the rate of curiosity touches the sky when it comes to procuring anything from a seller. Thus, the immense curiosity of the consumers, and the desire of a marketer to convince the former causes personalization and customer-centric experience. Key benefits:

  • Builds trusts, reliability, and firm reputation
  • Increases testimonials
  • Gives your brand/ company a competitive benefit
  • Reduces work stress and dispute
  • Raises revenue and profits

#2. Video Marketing:

Given an option of watching a video and reading a long blog, wouldn't you pick the former? Well, me too. It's easily understandable, with visual and sound effects. Besides being informative, it is also entertaining. So, as a business owner in the digital world, nothing should stop you from reaching the top, when the reigning video sites like YouTube can be your ally for better conversion of traffic. Key benefits

  • Boosts conversion and sales, dispenses great ROI
  • Builds credibility
  • Video fascinates even the inactive buyers
  • Video retailing explains precisely about the products and your brand
  • Video promotes social shares

#3. Chatbot in marketing:

As a brand, you'd prefer to render high-class services and personalized attention to your clients. But, will be possible to talk to every single customer over the calls? Even if you hire people to do so, that will cost you a large sum of money. But with Chatbot, you can deal with the ocean of clientele on-the-go! This trending software equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) can talk or have a conversation with the potential clients and the existing ones. So, why do you have to think twice, when one can interact with millions? Key benefits

  • Rising traffic and decreased expenses
  • Excellent engagement
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Outstanding and enhanced brand image
  • Terminate human error and always remain on trend

#4. Social Media Marketing:

Who says social media is a waste of time- well suited for the ones with nothing to do but to socialize? Well, when speaking of its power and aspects to change the digital marketing trend, you'd embrace this evolving platform-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. As the major populations of the world do social media, this powerful platform helps in reaching the potential consumers, eventually increasing the worth of your brand, building trust, and gaining the loyalty of the customers. Key benefits

  • Improves brand identification
  • Greater ROI rates
  • Increases brand reliability
  • Excellent consumer satisfaction
  • Improves search engine rankings

#5. Smart watches, Wearables & Internet of Things (IoT):

The term "Artificial Intelligence" must surely fascinate you as it fascinates me! The wearable lies smart watches-aka IoT (Internet of Things) will a well-equipped amount of capabilities to detect, direct, and to determine has left the world go awestruck! The term IoT is basically coined to define the interaction and network between everyday internets activated devices. This not only makes our life easier, but also is a more convenient and advantageous in the digital marketing for keeping the records of the purchase funnel, location of the clients, customized targeting, and more! Key benefits

  • Greater potential
  • In charge of Cybersecurity
  • Research strategies
  • Profitable and advanced technologies
  • Infinite opportunities

#6. Mobile Marketing:

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized in the world of technology. They've got the potential to drift the attention of the users from the desktop and laptops! Imagine where will it lead to if, your business focus on mobile marketing strategy? Ads that come on printed papers, TVs, radios have tremendously affected the business in a good way! But in the fiercely competitive digital advertising world, the best way to stay above the competition is through effective and strategic mobile marketing. Its easy, user and customer oriented, traffic and conversion oriented, and what not? Key benefits

  • It's a quick, direct channel
  • Enhances consumer engagement
  • Analytics and tracking better ROI
  • Professional appearance
  • Brand control

#7. Search Engine Marketing:

By looking at this thriving world of technology, we often feel that we live in the dictatorial realm of the internet, where people incline to search engines for anything they need to know about. Well, that happens to you and I too, right? We do check for rates and reviews for movies that we want to watch, or any new restaurant that we want to check in, or while booking a hotel or buying anything! So, it is a clear indication that Search Engine Marketing is the best way to stay above the competition. By focusing on the needs of the customers, we can grow by helping them with well strategic SEO contents, Google Ads, social media ads, etc. Key benefits

  • Help establish brand awareness
  • Easy and quick to execute
  • It is measurable
  • Seizes the attention of the audience at the right time
  • Cheap and profitable

#8. Micro Moments:

Wondering what Micro-Moments really is? Micro-Moments is when those few moments took out from your day, in which you drift your attention to your mobile device for learning about the trending topics, making a purchase, etc. It is a quick burst of attention that you and I spend on mobile devices to search, watch, locate, or buy, which is a major payoff to the marketers. To be precise, simple, and a quick explanation, Micro-Moment is an internet-driven activity powered by mobile-device. Key benefits

  • Focus more on public engagement
  • Improve interactive and mobile-friendly content
  • Build thought management every day
  • Generate a response strategy based on Data
  • It's innovative world for marketers!

#9. Social Messaging Apps:

What possibly could be the instant way to reach someone calls? No, because it can be missed or ignored, but the messages can't be so, nor can they wait! Press the send icon then it's done the blink of an eye! A recent study by eMarketer revealed that nearly 1.4 billion people use private messaging apps, which is expected to rise beyond the social media users by 2019. The success of messaging apps lies in the speed of communication it renders. That's the reason why; the younger generation prefers private messaging apps. So, another major gain for boosting your digital marketing this upcoming year! Key benefits

  • Unlimited and personalized interaction
  • Update first contact resolution with Chatbot unification
  • Develop your brand
  • Stake your market share as a first move
  • Influence the tricky generation Z

#10. Live Video Events:

Studies reveal that video generates more shares than the images and the texts. So, if you're looking for a cool and innovative way to develop your business then, go to the live video event and see how things will change for better! Because videos really excel as far as customer engagement and sharing is concerned. In order to reap the benefits, you can interlink your videos with the biggest social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., that are deemed to draw millions of views and shares in a single day. Besides, live video events reflect authenticity and favor interaction in person, which can be a major plus point for the organization. Key benefits

  • More authentic communication with the audience
  • Bring a human factor to digital marketing
  • Building a library of contents that can be examined and re-purposed later
  • Learning from the real-time public feedback
  • Product story ideas directly from the main product experts

#11. Machine learning:

By analyzing the efficiency of the Machine learning (ML), we can conclude that man created technologies to develop themselves more. In the realm of Digital marketing, big changes are evitable with Machine Learning. Its impact is so tremendous that 97% of the pioneers assume that the future of marketing will comprise of experts marketers working in conjunction with machine learning based automation entities. Key benefits

  • Interprets product marketing and assists in reliable sales forecast
  • Easy spam detection
  • Increases accuracy of economic practices and rules
  • Improves performance
  • Excellent consumer segmentation and valid lifetime value forecast


Digital Marketing aspects are rapidly changing. It's certain that the approaching year 2018 will bring ample of innovative approach and opportunities that can be advantageous for business. So, discover better ways to connect with consumers, drive traffic, and convert leads and ROI so that you can flourish in the digital world.

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