Top 5 strategies To Lower High CPC in your PPC Campaign

Top 5 strategies To Lower High CPC in your PPC Campaign


Google Ads previously known as Adwords is the ultimate bridge between a business and his success. The world has grown highly competitive and a highly productive PPC campaign is what you must make efforts to achieve.

Understanding PPC and how you actually Pay

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a form of internet marketing in which you are required to pay a fee each time your ads is clicked. The competition is immense and websites plenty and PPC is the most effective attempt into earning visits. People search keywords to find their query and PPC allows bidding on those keywords and appearing on the sponsored links above the organic search results.

Setting up your first Campaign?

Setting up of a productive campaign is a strategy which if implemented well would produce better results and also bring more meaningful clicks. A campaign must produce a great Quality score and there are definitely few things which must be taken care of. The structure and the demand for the keywords that you bid must be strategic and not random. Evaluation of the competition is needed for better results as bid value is not the only key factor for a successful PPC campaign.

The process of setting up of a PPC campaign!!

  • Add PPC Keywords after search volume evaluation
  • Add Negative Keywords to stop paying for unwanted searches
  • Create campaign
  • Create catchy Ad copy
  • A ready to convert Landing page

Paying more due to high CPC?

What actually determines click cost is competition--how many other advertisers are competing to get their ads triggered for a keyword and what are they willing to pay for a click? If you're seeing click costs in the range you say, then you can assume that your competitors for those searches are bidding in that range--or possibly much higher, to get the same traffic you want

Low Ad ranks? Know the reasons

You must understand that just opting for Google Ads and creation of a PPC campaign isn't enough to give your ad a good Quality score and a high ad rank. So, if you have a low ad rank it means the position of your ad rank is pretty low on the SERP due to low ranking keywords in your campaign. The other important factor that may affect the ad ranking is the quality of the ad copy, its landing page or the current bidding amount.

5 Qualified techniques to lower down your CPC

Let us see few effective strategies to lower down the CPC in your PPC campaign:

1. Adding Long Tail Keywords

The concept of long tail keywords are those which has a low search volume and isn't so much of a searchable content. The formula states that lower the searches of a keyword, less the chances of that keyword appearing in any other search result. So, a long tail keyword helps control your keyword display on irrelevant search queries and checks your ad budget.

2. Target keywords that have low bids

Keywords are essential part of a campaign and high competition keywords have a higher CPC. So, it is advised that you study your market well and do not aim at jumping into the top search results in no time because it's practically impossible. Start with low bids that may work well towards strengthening your campaign. Also set your bidding as manual and not automatic to have a full control of the CPC.

3. Use Negative Keywords

One of the main reasons for high CPC generates from ads triggered by irrelevant search queries. You must be able to control what clients you want to target by using negative keywords. What happens after this is that your ad is shown to those people who are looking for your ad and may be interested in your products and services. What it ultimately does is increase your CTR which also improves the Quality score and your CPC.

4. Ad rank and higher Quality Score are interconnected

You must first understand that the Google uses an auction system to rank your Ads which determine your CPC. So work towards better ad rank by stressing on the effective keywords, ad copy and catchy landing pages which helps you generate a good Quality score. Now, your Better Quality score is the key to a high ad ranking and it ultimately lowers you existing CPC amazingly.

5. Use Ad Scheduling

It is a feature of PPC ad which you must be familiar with. People generally tend to overlook the effectiveness and financial impact that ad scheduling can do. What generally happens is that your ad once placed is displayed without break and it turns out to be a costly affair. Why not plan your ad on a specific time and on a specific day of the week when you feel can provide a similar viewers as you have been getting after continuous ad display. This should lower your overall cost of CPC.

It's a deeper concept

The strategies are numerous and the ways keep on adding every single day but the points mentioned above are some of the trending solutions that's verified. I feel that you too must study the PPC campaign thoroughly and discover new ways of your own. There are also few other techniques based upon your targeted region, devices, tracking or bids adjustment that could open a bigger picture of the world of CPC and its implementation.

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