Twitter ad services in India with Twitter Targeting By Device

Social media has been absolute bliss in the modern era where everyone can engage or stay in contact with their close ones from distance. The power of connection of social media has become an active part of establishing campaigns and rallies to generate huge mass support in a short span of time. Twitter that has been established by a group of four people named Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz stone has made rapid strides in providing the best interface for mass interaction in a short time. This facility has attracted many campaigners and agencies to utilize Twitter to harvest maximum attention. Twitter ad services in India is also in all-time demand because of the various kinds of campaigns that are held in almost every season.

       This article peeks through the different ways of how Twitter handles and spreads the ideology to a huge amount of people and a short description of an agency that provides the finest Twitter ad services in India.

Table of Content:

1. What is Twitter targeting?

2. The modes of targeting an audience through device, platform, and gender

3. Adquicky

4. Conclusion

What is Twitter targeting?

The word “targeting” relatively means to concentrate the attention towards a particular person or a group.  Twitter is used by millions starting from celebrity to the common man. So it becomes an easier tool to attract known and simple people and make them support your ideology. This can be achieved through various means that will be discussed below.

The modes of targeting an audience through device, platform, and gender

There are numerous modes to attract people through Twitter but these methods are usually adopted as these methods are simple and successfully formulated throughout the years.


The whole software and ad campaign run through the process of a simple algorithm. The algorithm is easy to create the fancy of two rival devices namely Android and IOS. Separate ad campaigns can be created for the users of two different devices that will highlight the new services that will be provided by their devices in new months. The ads are totally on the concept to attract more users on basis of devices so the website should support the wonderful viewing experience for mobiles.


There is a number of ways that you can build your ad campaigns on different social platforms through Twitter. These platforms can be easily utilized to generate maximum results after general research and feedback by the agency.


Gender targeting is also done through Twitter. The preference for gender is dependent on the campaign and the type of ad to be posted. Along with gender, age targeting is also done simultaneously.


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Social media plays a very important role in providing much-needed support for a campaign.