Twitter Ads services in India with Ideal Length of a Tweet

Social media trends are constantly changing along with its character limit so it can be an annoying task to keep up with all the ongoing developments. Tracking these things sounds tedious but at the same time knowing the ideal length of a tweet may improve the likelihood that the people will read or engage with it. From its inception till the recent years Twitter had a 140 character limit. However, this character limit was increased to 280 characters in 2017. Twitter Ads service in India makes sure that your posts get the preferred engagement and the exposure with the help of paid promotions.

Table of contents:

  1. Ideal Length of a Tweet
  2. Twitter Maximum Character Lengths
  3. What counts in a tweet?

Ideal Length of a Tweet

To master the art of tweeting you should get yourself used to saying everything you want in fewer than 100 characters. Getting your tweets under 100 characters maybe very challenging at first but it helps you be concise and allows no tangents. 71- 100 characters is the ideal length of a tweet, so clarity and simplicity is really important. Twitter moves really quickly so you only have a couple of seconds to catch your reader’s attention, use it well.

According to studies, tweets with 100 characters at most get a 17% higher engagement rates in comparison to longer tweets.

Twitter Maximum Character Lengths

At times it is impossible to say everything you want to within a 100 characters, and that’s okay. You can exceed the ideal character limit but always be cautious to avoid going over the maximums. There is nothing worse than writing out an entire saga only to realize that you have exceeded the maximum count.

Twitter has a particular number of characters allocated for different purposes. The maximum tweet length is 280 characters; private DM’s are allocated a good 10,000 characters, twitter handle gets a maximum length of 15 characters and the maximum length allocated for twitter profile name is 20 characters.

What counts in a tweet?

In order to loosen the reigns a bit and help the users feel a little less restricted, twitter has made some changes that allow you to fit more text into a tweet. Some of the things are not included in the 280 character limit. They are:

  • The twitter profile handles at the beginning of a reply do not count toward your 280 characters.
  • DM Deep Links does not add to your character limit.
  • Images don’t count toward your 280 characters.

The ideal numbers of characters in tweets are suggestion for your twitter posts are suggestions. You should use a Twitter Ads service in India to get a more comprehensive feel of your audience. Adquicky is a digital marketing platform that offers the best Twitter Ads service in India.