Types of Audience Segmentation And Targeting Digital Customers

Types of Audience Segmentation And Targeting Digital Customers


Audience segmentation is the process where audiences are divided into different groups based on certain criteria so that you can deliver ads to the right people in the right places.

In digital marketing, segmenting audiences is generally a key part of a targeted marketing strategy.

Nowadays people are involved most of the time in the social media hence audience segmentation has become very vital in the digital world. So, the digital marketers have to adopt every possible step so that they can understand their customer's behavior and thinking.

Understand the market segmentation first-

In market segmentation, a group of buyers is divided and framed according to their range of needs. In addition to this segmentation, targeting and positioning are an important part of marketing segmentation.

Understanding the process

With the growth of the digitalization of the marketing strategies and availability of similar products, marketers find it quite tough to satisfy their customers. Customers demand every individual product to be customized and personalized. Each customer has their own preferences and choices and thus came the method of market segmentation.

Segmentation helped them by marking the buyers of distinct groups according to their requirements and buying habits. Examining the demographics, psychographics and differences in the behaviour of the buying process is important in order to indentify the marketing segmentations.

This process helps a marketer to understand the use of specific technique of a specific group of buyers. Different marketing strategies work well on each chosen target market. What is attractive for youngsters might not be interesting for senior citizens. Successful marketers have understood this method of segmentations and served their product in a way that it allures every sort of buyers and other marketers.

How can you define STP?

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning is a combination of three stages where we first find out the type of customer existence.

Then select the customers which can be served well and finally by putting in the segmentation and promoting the products and services for that segment. Communicate to the customers in a way to show that even we have made choices to distinguish ourselves in that way.

How to use Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning in developing marketing strategies?

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning or STP is a familiar approach in the world of Modern Marketing. It is the most common marketing model in practice which is very helpful in making strategies for marketing.

The model of STP is useful when marketing communication plans are made which in turn helps the marketers to strategize and then develop and deliver messages to communicate properly with different audiences.

However, marketers are always trying to convey the proper message to the group. In digital marketing, it is more difficult to understand the behaviour of the buyer and understand their journey. If you don't, it becomes more difficult to segment the audience and deliver your message.

How can customers be divided for segmentation and targeting?

Very often, we talk to marketers and see that their idea of audience segmentation is not only limited but also very much egocentric. They only think about the sale of their own product or service lines without thinking much about the customers they are dealing with.

This is sure to think always about the products but still, there are some opportunities which are unaddressed.

So, here are some new ways to think about your audience.

Step 1:

Finding out post purchase behaviour

If you want your previous buyers back to your site, you will have to engage differently with different sets of people with whom you had already built a relationship.

This will give segments on different buying patterns and purchase of different products. The key motive will be to fulfil the customers future need even before they know about it.

Use of social media:

Social media is the most powerful tool for digital marketing. Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, Youtube these are not social media anymore. They are the best platform for promoting and marketing any small to mid scale business. As a marketer, you need to understand the importance and uses of the hashtags, and optimize the search engine. Relying on analytics can be the crucial element for the growth and betterment of your business.

Focus on lifestyle segmentation:

Sometimes people do segment their audience according to the particular characteristics, cultural values or lifestyles. This is difficult to find out as it is not constant but keeps on changing every day. It may be more about values, preferences or lifestyle factors. This requires the markets to dig a little deeper to understand the changes in the audiences minds.

Step 2:


After you have successfully segmented your customers, the next step comes to targeting. This will focus on the different groups and catch their attention through marketing campaigns. You have to build this relation on the basis of their demographic characteristics and they will surely give the clues about the things they value.

Step 3:


To understand why people decided not to open an email or to visit your website can give valuable clues about retargeting those customers. Retargeting techniques usually use cookies where they can keep a track of your audiences of what they are doing after they leave your website. It also helps in running the targeted ads to people who have visited your website before but have left it.


By this, we come to a conclusion that personalized digital marketing strategies are able to engage a larger number of audiences. The modern technology offers businesses the opportunities to engage themselves at a new level of personalization.

In order to make things more effective and efficient, you should consider automation and robotics which are proven to be essentials. The conversion ratio is likely to be more engaging when you build brand awareness and understand your customer at the right time.

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