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Reaching stardom through YouTube has been the newest phenomenon in India. Growth in the number of internet users and YouTube viewers have helped these artists to be famous and reach stardom in a unique way.

The estimated number of 4.8 billion users has an access to the internet and a subsequent number of users are browsing the internet on their phone. This easy access of Internet to mobile phone users has created a platform, vast enough to be recognized and to be popular in a couple of days.

Small scale business to mid scale business have understood the importance of YouTube advertisement and are using it as an effective tool in their digital media packages when they purchase from agency. YouTube advertising cost in India to becoming costlier day by day as for 1000 YouTube a You Tuber earns around INR 56.12.

If a business wants to show its ads on YouTube, it cost around 70 Paisa to INR 17, so to gather real 1000 YouTube Views it will cost around 4500 INR

The Growth of YouTube!!

After its incorporation in 2005, the YouTube has gained a huge number of followers and users and has become a valuable platform in the recent era. In January 2009, YouTube allowed the promotion and ad campaigns on their site and since then it has become a prominent tool in the new generation of digital marketing. The concept of video upload on the internet would not have estimated to be one of the prominent platforms used worldwide.

YouTube and its popularity in India

In India alone, YouTube monthly user base touches 225 million and also reaches 80 percent of internet users in India. YouTube has been in India for around 10 years, which is also the fastest-growing market globally. The YouTube alone has about 70 million monthly users in India which is a tremendous number which makes India a profitable market for YouTube.

How can YouTube videos earn you money?

In India, there are few YouTube users who have managed to create a huge base in India and are earning a huge amount of money through video uploads on YouTube. Presently there are few YouTube users whose videos have around 2 million views daily and their earning really have no limits. Some of the best YouTube users in India are with the highest number of viewers:

  • Nisha Madhulika. 732.2 million views
  • BB Ki Vines 687.2 million views
  • Sandeep Maheshwari. 216.4 million views
  • AIB 318.4 million views
  • Sanjeev Kapoor. 520.8 million views

How do they actually earn money?

Let us understand the process of earning through YouTube. Several people have managed to earn money by doing what they do best. There are no specific videos or genre which are most viewed on YouTube. People from different fields have been successful in earning through comedy, mimicry, lessons, teaching viewers or cooking recipe with which they collect YouTube Views. The money that the person earns depends on the number of people that are viewing the ads that are attached to their videos.

The Steps to Starting Your own YouTube Channel and Start Earning

Setting up your own YouTube channel: To use YouTube as a medium of earning money, firstly you shall need to sign up with YouTube just like you would sign up with Gmail. This allows you to create a personal channel which can be accessed by you and a unique identifier is created which shall act as the username viewers can search you with.

Adding videos to it: The kind of videos that you might find appropriate is purely your decision but you cannot start earning unless you have videos uploaded by you on your personal channel. Your videos can be different and a new concept can be added to your content which should quickly grab the attention of man viewers of the YouTube, worldwide.

Gaining a number of viewers and a huge audience base: Your content must be uniquely different and the latest craze for video uploads has created a huge competition between YouTube video uploaders. The genre and your content must be something new or refreshing as until you gain a formidable amount of viewers or subscribers, you cannot start earning through YouTube.

Set up Google Adsense: You can start monetizing your videos after you have gained a formidable amount of viewers or subscribers on your channel or video. After that, you must sign up for Google AdSense which allows you to connect your bank account to your YouTube channel account. It means, now you can start earning money by allowing ads to run on your popular videos.

Market your videos: Youtube videos have the option to be shared on various platforms which increases the chances of being seen on other popular platforms too. You need more people to click on the ads your videos have and for that, you need a lot of people to first see your video online on any possible platforms.


It is really amazing to see how unique mediums of income have cropped up in recent years and maybe some more should crop up but the digital platform has transformed the field of advertisement and created new ways of making a lot of money through the Internet. YouTube is the most popular video platform used to grow your brand or business with . Now that you have known about it, you may choose to start or just let it be. We are meant to adapt and learn the new platforms and its use should never end.