Video Helps Branding Conversion

How video helps in branding and conversion


Videos are rapidly becoming the essence of successful businesses. More than 90% of online customers find videos helpful while making a decision or while making a purchase. The significance of videos never comes to end as far as conversion and revenue generation are concerned. Video build Trust, boost brand value, and improves sales and give better ROI. Gone are the days of lengthy articles and blogs. With the advancement of technologies and increasing number of social networking engagement, videos have become the key to effective digital marketing. When it comes to engagement and convincing the consumers, videos are just an amazing idea. So, here are the reasons why videos are essential in branding and better conversion:

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales:

Video Boosts Conversions and Sales Let's face the truth! Vision is our most powerful sense. Most of the information sent to our brain is visual. If static pictures can increase the engagement massively, then imagine what dynamic pictures can do to your business? Videos can generate some good amount of money for your business. Statistics say that adding a video on your landing page improves conversions by 80%. Video leads to immediate sales. 74% of the audience who viewed an explainer video about a commodity instantly purchased it.

2. Video Shows Great ROI:

Video Shows Great ROI

Your videos don't have to be perfect. It is the content that describing the video that matters. So, you should demonstrate about your products and services well enough to the viewers. More than 80% of the businesses say that videos generate better ROI (return on investment). Video production is neither cheap nor easy, it yields profitable results in brief period. Nowadays, online video production tools are improving and getting cheaper. So, one can even make a video with the help of a smartphone.

3. Google Loves Videos:

Google Loves Videos

statistics say, you're 53 times more likely to appear on Google if you have video incorporated on your site. Videos allow you to obtain the time spent by the audience on your site. The longer exposure indicates the search engines that you own good content. Since Google owns videos, there has been a significant increase in how much video affect your search engine rank. So optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO, draft better Meta titles and descriptions. Guide the potential consumers a way back by adding a link that takes them to your site, products, and services.

4. Video Appeals to Mobile Users:

Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Promote your videos by making them mobile friendly, because according to YouTube, mobile video consumption rises up to 100% every year. Since mobile and videos go hand in hand, 90% of the consumers watch videos on their smartphone as in comparison to the desktop users. Smartphone owners are 1.4 times more likely to feel personally attached to the brands that show video contents or ads than the ones that watch ads on TV or PC.

5. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers:

Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Video is not only the tool for learning, but it is also very easy to consume. Even for the laziest ones! Today's time is too precious to be reading the lengthy product descriptions and digging deeper into services. Video marketing can capture wide consumers and it works on many levels. Make sure that you not only target the eyes, but also the ears of the potential consumers. Your approach gets double power!

6. YouTube is going very big and now 2rd largest search engine in World:

YouTube is going very big and now 2rd largest search engine in World

If your brand is delivering engaging content for the customers, your video will get a lot of views on YouTube and social networking sites. Seize the moment to do the best promotional videos for your business & brand, demonstrating its vigor through YouTube's videos. Incorporate effective contents. You can engage your brand by producing the emotional videos as well that relates to your business.

7. Video Encourages Social Shares:

Video Encourages Social Shares

Social networking sites encourage videos with their advanced features. YouTube is the 2nd most successful social site for the videos in the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has inaugurated videos. However, in a social media setting, you must remember that people share emotions rather than realities. So, create videos that are fun-filled and entertaining enough to inspire shares. Emotions are not ROI but better social shares improve better traffic and conversions.

Additional Tip:

Video Ad work wonders: While creating videos make sure to incorporate them into your marketing activities. Your first email with a video will get a doubled CTR (click through rate) by 96%, eventually putting you ahead of the competition level.


With the advancing technology, Video advertising is becoming more prevalent and reasonably priced. Besides, it is easy to spread across the globe. A blend of creativity with the knowledge of human psychology can do wonders in creating the marketing videos for your business.

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