Visiting Card Its Important Etiquettes

Visiting Card and its Important Etiquettes


A visiting card is also called a calling card or professionally known as Business card is a small paper card with a person's name, contact number, address, designation or profession into it. Visiting card is very much useful to share information with a person for any further correspondence in the future. Visiting card is commonly used by professionals to make a relation with their clients. Let's see the importance of using a visiting card.







Importance of using Visiting Card

Make Impression







Visiting card makes an impression and show professionalism to your prospect by giving you a chance to introduce yourself. It is the top importance of visiting card. By giving an attractive and eye-catching visiting card with relevant information like name, contact, and profile into it, you can capture the attention of your prospect or client. You will stay on their memory by giving a visiting card by enhancing credibility.


Promotion and advertising are essential to hold your space in the market because there is always a competition. Creating a visiting is easy and cost-effective in true sense. You can start by printing 100 cards and use them when required. Visiting cards is the most inexpensive way of promoting your business or creating a professional image in the mind of people.








The standard size for any visiting card is 3.5 x 2 inches which are similar to your credit card. So, you can carry a few cards in your wallet and make it easily available whenever needed. Portability of the visiting card is very helpful because it gives you the chance to get connected with people even when you meet them on any occasion, meetings or any public place.

Improve your Brand Image

Small business owners need to promote their business in terms of building the brand but most of the time they face problems in investing money in promotion. By distributing your visiting card you can successfully create a brand image. Eye-catching card creates your presence in the minds of people. They will remember you and might call you during their need by the magic of visiting card.

Effective Marketing Tool

There are many ways to implement marketing tools to gather more attention from the public. SEO, email marketing and paid media are always there to help you in promoting your business. But even after so many options, visiting card is the most effective marketing tool. You can share your card by shaking hands with people which is considered as the aggressive and direct way of marketing by making people aware of your brand.

Etiquettes of using Visiting Card

  • Don't forget to leave home or office without plenty of your visiting cards with you.
  • Maintain safety by keeping your visiting card in a card case or in something that protects your card from wear and tear.
  • Keep your card in a known place otherwise you might start searching for the card when you need them in an emergency.
  • Keep some cards in your wallet for an emergency.
  • Maintain your impression by giving the visiting card from your right hand.
  • Update your Visiting Card if you change your contact number otherwise, it will be a problem.
  • After giving the card to a person, you must ask the person for his card to make the person feel special.

The card looks small but creates a huge difference in your business to stay connected with people. Even in this digital age where email, message, and websites are the smart options for making people aware of your business, you still need a visiting card to create the first impression.

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