Website designing package with Improve the User Experience

At first, whenever the users will visit your website, they will look for the information from the navigation menu. If it is not available then, the users will simply leave the website and look for your competitors. But if it is available then, it will increase your website conversion rate and generate more revenue. Therefore, you should be well aware of website navigation if you’re looking to improve the user experience of your own. For this, you should give more value and priority to the website designing package. It is because of this exact thing, many top brands are doing well in the online world. 

Table of Contents:

  • What are the website navigation examples improving user experience?
  • Harry’s
  • Nixon
  • The laughing cow
  • Pogg
  • Squarespace
  • Conclusion

What are the website navigation examples improving user experience?


It is a famous men’s shaving skincare brand which has a clear navigation bar. Its product page has a drop-down menu which showcases the related products. This also includes a picture display which is intuitive and shows the features of the product.


Nixon is the watches and accessories brand which uses 60 columns in the primary navigation. Each column adopts the mega menu design method for highlighting more products. Same like Nixon, the website designing package will also include a search box to find products more quickly.

The laughing cow

It is a website that sells cheese. The design and style used in the website are unique and cute. The navigation bar has got three columns and more products can be seen in the drop-down menu. Each and every product has got a consistent style along with the description picture.


Pogg is the online website which deals in selling potato pies. It uses hamburger navigation menu. This menu will be accessed to get more product-related info and save screen space. This website is a very good example to consider website designing package. It uses a very delicate background color and navigation bar’s text.


Squarespace is a competitive brand which offers a website builder service. It has got three columns which make the website navigation very simple and clear. More sub-items can be seen with the drop-down function. Other information is available at the bottom navigation menu.

These are the short introduction of the brand which has the best navigation practices. All these brands have made the best use of the website designing package for getting good successive user experience results.

Note: The websites which are large will have a lot more content to be present so, there is a need for primary and secondary navigation.