Why Should a Business Prefer Twitter Advertising 2019

Why Should a Business Prefer Twitter Advertising 2019


A Business Man: I see people using other Social Media Platform than Twitter! Why should I consider Twitter for my Business?

If you are also asking the same question, we are here to satisfy your bubbling queries. Trust us on this, Twitter is the old monk- it is never outdated. Twitter Advertising in India had, has and will maintain its credibility and significance.

Twitter is a boon for small business owners. Whereas some of the business tycoons regularly stay active on Twitter. If you ask why?


Statistics of Twitter:

  • More than 500 million tweets are done every day.
  • In 2018 Forbes reported that Twitter ranks 21 among 100 of the best Digital companies in the world.
  • 400 Million People opt for Twitter each month.
  • Every day there is a 9% growth of Twitter users.
  • You will be happy to know 80% of the Twitter users are not only from America but also from different other countries.
  • Twitter is the best platform for all government high authorities.

We hope these statistics has answered at least some of your queries.

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Now you know Twitter is always jam-packed with potential users for your business. The question stays, how to use it to popularize your business.

1.While you post anything regarding your business on Twitter, you face a word limit. Do not get irritated by it. Rather we know how to use it for your benefit. Using a link that will lead your potential customers to your business is the biggest get through.

2. Other social media platforms have so many different types of users flocking around. However, Twitter is used mostly by business-minded personals. Therefore, Twitter becomes a social media powerhouse for every business.

Answering your second doubt regarding Twitter advertising let us move on to the valid reasons why you should use twitter for your business.

1.Twitter and is better than guest blogging:

Guest Blogging is an old formula. Why waste time in it? Moreover, it is time-consuming. Fairly tweet on twitter with a link and get more readers with potential customers.

2. Twitter users vigorously target twitter ads:

Use the right # tag and get flooded with impressions, clicks, and visitors in your business. Twitter ads with proper # tag are very important.

3. Twitter connects you with some potential people for business:

Twitter is actually for business-interested people. Therefore, whenever you post any business add on Twitter, you get some valuable customers for your business.

4. Twitter ads are very cheap:

It is for sure Twitter is cheaper than other social media platform advertisement. Twitter does the best work for your business, at a very low price.

5. Invest in Twitter and get high return :

Your investments in Twitter and never go waste. It always brings you profit and credibility. In India, it is best for Twitter Advertising.

Advertise your business on Twitter

Grow your business through twitter advertising. It is a budget-friendly, easy and genuine way to give your business that most needed a boost. Twitter Advertising in India is gaining popularity and be a part of this uprising queue.

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