Why Simple Website Design Can Get You to the First Page of Google

Why Simple Website Design Can Get You to the First Page of Google


Designing a website is one of the most important tasks for any designer because the design will create a special impact on the mind of the audiences who will visit your site. Too much complicated and clumsy website will make the visitors confused and increase your bounce rate. Once you created a simple website design by investing your money and time, you must look for the positive return and benefits in terms of expanding your business.

There will no sense in making a website if people fail to find you in the search engines. Getting the visibility on the first page of Google will add sense to your business as people will get you easily while searching on the internet. But the question arises that how can a simple website design get you to the first page of Google. There are different methods of improving the visibility of your website in Google even after making it simple and here we will discuss those methods one after another.

Methods to Get into the First Page of Google

Working over Content



Improve Quality of your Content

Contents are really important and play an important role in increasing your ranking. People are getting busy these days and they don't give much time on reading the contents that look boring and inappropriate. You should maintain the quality by working over the writing style and by checking the grammar and spelling of the contents. Google likes to see contents with correct grammar and spelling. Once people find your content interesting and logical, the engagement will definitely increase.

Create Original Content

Your website will be docked if you steal or copy contents from others. It is good to do smart work but here you need to do some work harder to keep the contents original because Google will block your contents if they find the contents completely matched or very similar to other contents. Original contents will surely help you in improving visibility.

Use Appropriate Images

Along with the contents, Google will also analyze your images on the website. The images should be matched with the texts of your content in an appropriate manner. Try to avoid stealing images from others as it will hurt your ranking. You can use creative common images or images created by your own end.

Use Keywords

By using Google analytics you can search relevant keywords for your content. But you must know how many times you can use it in your texts. Don't overload the content with keywords otherwise, Google will notice and dock you but you must use them several times.

Make changes in Coding

Choose a deserving Domain Name



Choosing a good and sensible domain name will surely increase the ranking. Use your main keyword as the first word of the domain. For better ranking, you can also use a top level domain like .com depending on the country you live in. These techniques are favorable for local businesses. When people search for you on the internet you will be rewarded.

Use Description

Coding helps you to add a description for pictures and pages. It is better to use one keyword into the text to improve the ranking but you must have proper knowledge about the HTML code while working with adding a description. If you find the task difficult, then hire a professional website designer to do the task appropriately.

Join Community

Create Quality Backlinks



Workings over the backlinks are really important and you must to by building a relationship with websites which are more popular than your website. Linking those websites with yours will improve ranking and on the other hand also help another website in the promotion. Make relation with bloggers and by taking their permission you can share their top blogs on your website. Guest posting is also very beneficial to grab the attention of outsiders into your website.

Get into Social Media train

Social media becomes one of the most powerful tools in improving the rank of your website as the mass audience use this platform and will easily get connected with your website. This platform will also help you to value your customers by responding to their reviews and feedbacks. Make a social media account and build a base of followers in order to share your website with the mass.

Participate actively in online communities

This fast-changing world demands activeness and to get into this you must do regular updates and maintenance. Google rewards those sites which seem to be regular with updates and maintenance. Ignoring such points will give you trouble and even hamper ranking. Staying updated with the latest trends and free online tools will take to the first page of Google.

You must remember that your competitors are also aware of such ideas, tools, and techniques, so you need to be active and smarter than others to maintain sustainability. By following the guidelines and Google analytics your website will be visible on the first page of Google. Duplicate contents and improper techniques will take you into trouble for sure. Make a simple website design & get a good rank on google.

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