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Bulk Email

Bulk Email

Tried & Tested...

Believe it or not, lead conversions through bulk emailing were found out to be 17% more effective than its social media alternatives like Facebook & Twitter. It can be due to the fact that people tend to overlook your advertisement on Facebook/Twitter because there’s always something more intriguing cooking on the platform. So they are highly likely to scroll past your paid section. But it is not the same with emails. They check in their inboxes anticipating for customized newsletters with personalized messages & offers sent by you through bulk emailing.


Adquicky pays foremost attention towards the quality of the emails sent. Gone are the days of emails that start from the “Dear Customer” clichés. Our software packages ensure each recipient receives emails that are highly personalized to connect with the customers. The emails can address each recipient with their names, fly out well-wishing messages on birthdays and festivals, etc to build and maintain a healthy relationship of goodwill with the clients.

Bulk Email

Introduction of the Opt-In Feature...

As cost-effective, time-saving and environmentally favorable the option of bulk-emailing is, you can trim further on your campaigning expenses by offering the recipients with the option to "opt-in" for your exclusive newsletter or emailing services that dispense out offers and announcements on a weekly or even a daily basis. Genuinely interested and regular visitors of your website opt-in and increase your traffic more often.

Our software also efficiently keeps track of the number of conversions, how many emails were viewed, the number of opt-ins & unsubscribed emailing services, and spam reports get the help you get a better insight on the success of the campaign.

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